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I'm going to the NCAA tournament tomorrow, what do I need to know?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by mattsk42, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. I know all about basketball and the matchups, etc.

    I'm wondering from people who have gone before: what do I need to.....

    1. Bring - a book for down time? Lots of money? :)
    2. Expect - just what you thought? Annoying fans? Fun fans?
    3. What time do I show up?
    4. Do you leave in between games?
    5. Anything else?

    As a side note, I may have an extra ticket for anyone who lives in Minneapolis. PM me if you're actually serious about buying it.

    The games are in the dome, are the seats actually good?
  2. Only 10 hours until I leave! Help!
  3. 1. Get drunk before the games, because they might not sell beer at the arena. I went to the Final Four in 1998, and they weren't selling beer at the Alamodome. Fortunately, we hung out at the bar down the street for 4 hours before the games started.

    2. Take a sign to hold up so you get on TV. Make sure the word TALKBASS is on it somewhere.
  4. Get a sign that says "HI MOM" will definite get you at least 10 seconds on TV.
  5. Always bring some sort of entertainment to televised events, the breaks are insufferable. Also, don't text the whole time or you risk getting on tv and looking like those douchebags you see on tv who can't unplug from their moronic little toy long enough to watch the event they paid obscene amounts of money to see. Bring a sign that says something clever or paint your face and upper body for that moment of fame we all aspire to.

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