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  1. Just bought a 2x10 Eden XLT cab for my CXC 10x15 combo series Eden Amp. The sound after a bit of tweaking was out of this world, clear, more of that great Eden tone and plenty of juice left over for those big halls, a very happy camper is me. The fellow that sold me the cab, who is a very good bassist himself brought it out to our gig on Saturday night stuck around for two sets gave us the thumbs up, service with a smile, rare these days. All in all a good experience. He's started to build his own cabs and his 2x10 was collecting dust so he parted with it, he knows it's going to a good home. He also has me pegged as far as the tech s#$% goes so a valuable associate and fellow bass player he will be. One day I'll have to take a few pics and post them.
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    10x15? Man, I used to have one of those, but the horses I used to haul it around were just too expensive.

    Sounds like a nice rig... I've been thinking about getting a 15 to put under my Nemesis 2x10, how do you like it?
  3. Definatley get that 15 it moves the air, I don't care what anyone else says a bass rig should at least have a 15 to bring out those low low notes especially if you play a 5 string.