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I'm in Korea, my bass is in NYC! Time to sell:(

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by MantisBot, Mar 26, 2009.

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  4. Bass sold = $

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  1. I got this bass around 1997 from House of Weaver in Bethesda, Maryland where it was assembled. It's a really nice looking bass and, when it's played regularly, produces a warm and full tone. I played it from highschool through my time at Juilliard and while at Indiana University for my PD. In fact, I played it right up to the time I came to Korea in 2006. It's a great bass and I love it to bits but it's come time for me to sell it.

    *Note- The bass is currently in NYC.*

    So here's the description...

    Asking price: $4500 obo

    • Hand-carved Czech bass.
    • 3/4 size, standard string length.
    • This is a great bass for someone just starting out or for someone who is looking to upgrade so they can study or perform seriously.
    • It got me through my Undergrad and Grad auditions at Juilliard and IU respectively.
    • While at IU the fine folks at the instrument shop in the annex shaped the neck for me.
    • No major repair work ever needed. (IE: well cared for:D)

    If you'd like to see pictures of the bass or try it out yourself, feel free to contact me at garan DOT fitzgerald AT gmail DOT com. As I said, the bass is currently in NYC under the watchful eye of my mom, so if interested I'll put you in contact with her to set up an appointment.

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