I'm in San Francisco for the week.

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  1. I just arrived in San Fransisco for the week (until June 30th). I'm only a few blocks away from Guitar Center on Van Ness St. I've never been to a GC before :eek:, so I'm actually looking forward to it. Any TBers from San Francisco, please let me know were I can get good fried sea food and Chinese food.


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    I'm not from San Francisco as you can probably tell...

    But in 2005 I spent a day there while waiting to catch a flight back home, during my short stay I went to Pier 39 and I ate at a fantastic restaurant called Fog Harbor Fish House

    The Clam chowder was magnificent! I can't quite recall what else I had there but the food there was brilliant and excellent service!

    I highly recommend it :)
  3. As far as fried seafood, go to Fisherman's Wharf and pick your tourist trap. Might as well pick an outdoor stand right there in the thick of it on the water. Try a chowder in a sourdough bowl as well.

    As far as Chinese, the House Of Nanking is one of my favorite. It's on Kearney at Columbus in North Beach. Definitely walkable from the Wharf, just head up and down Columbus. Stop at SF Brewing Company for a beer along the way on Columbus. Next door is Vesuvio, the famous beat gen hangout.

    I could offer other suggestions for pages, but I'll leave you with two must hits. For beer, head to Toronado on Haight St. at Fillmore. Then hop a bus up to Upper Haight and go to Amoeba Records at Haight and Stanyan. You can always walk down a couple blocks to Haight Ashbury Music too.
  4. Also....

    While you are at House of Nanking, SF Brewing, and Vesuvio, you are a block from Chinatown. Roll through there mid day and check out the live food and herb markets and shops with endless cheap crap to buy on the cheap and bring back for your friends. My favorites are the cheesy pens that you flip over to expose a bikini girls' breasts and the cheap chinese lanterns and dragons.:D
  5. Thanks for your responses! I'll add your suggestions to my list of places to visit. :)