I'm in the process of buying a home.

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  1. I found a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath town house in Rio Rico, AZ. The seller accepted my offer and my real estate agent says we should close on August 10th. I will post pics possibly as soon as Monday evening. This will be my first home purchase. I see a music room in my future! :)
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  2. Congratulations on the house purchase.
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  3. nutdog

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    Out of the lava flow and into the desert.
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  4. GKon

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    I'm planning on moving to New Mexico soon, so that I can actually afford to buy my own home.

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  5. DWBass

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    Nice. I wish I was more discerning when I was looking. Didn't think about a detached garage or basement to use as a music room. I owned a complete studio and had to sell everything due to no room. We settled.
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  6. Aberdumbie


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    Congrats. A home purchase can be such an emotional roller coaster. Happy this was a good experience. Now, get busy with the music room plans!
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    You probably should have saved the new house post for after you move in. A LOT of things can go wrong between now & then. Usually the biggest problems are getting the home to pass inspections, because if anything fails inspection the current homeowner needs to fix it & they are usually reluctant. (because it costs money)

    Good Luck!
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    Try selling one.
  9. fhm555

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    Feb 16, 2011
    I've heard that the outside of money, the most stressful things on a relationship are moving and home buying/selling/remodeling.
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  10. bolophonic


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    Congratulations. Good luck with the closing!
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  11. Oddly


    Jan 17, 2014
    Dublin, Ireland.
    Congratulations !
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  12. Aberdumbie


    Jan 22, 2016
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    Six years ago I sold the same house... Three times.... In two months!!!
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  13. James Collins

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    Mar 25, 2017
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  14. Sorry you had to give up your studio.
  15. Ouch!
  16. Thanks for the likes and the comments! I'll keep you posted. The closing date is scheduled for August 10th. Things are moving so quickly, the closing date could be sooner.
  17. MJ5150

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    Make sure you get your inspections done, and requested repairs completed.

  18. beaglesandbass

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    Congrats! We just closed on a house two weeks ago! Enjoy and get a Home Depot credit card! You'll be living there for a bit.
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  19. Update: The home purchase did not go through. A last minute snag ended the process. I'm staying where I am for the time being and will look again at the end of the year. My landlord has several properties in the area and will explore possible options for long term housing.
  20. MJ5150

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    The opinion I have is the housing bubble is going to burst in spring of 2018, at least the one where I live.
    May not be so bad an idea to wait if your area is as hot as mine right now.
    Our house sold in less than 12 hours to a buyer with an escalation clause in his offer, and he overlooked several concerns (some rather expensive) from the inspection just so he could get the house.
    We missed the bubble in 2009, so the wife and I were happy not to this time.