I'm looking for a solution for upright/electric/synth bass

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by b3panda, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. b3panda


    Dec 21, 2012
    Allison Park, PA
    Hi, I've recently started reconfiguring my bass amp setup, and I'm kind of unsure about how to proceed. I play upright, bass guitar, and synth bass pretty regularly. I haven't ever had to play all three during a single performance, but upright/electric and electric/synth comes up often.

    I currently use a two channel Acoustic Image Clarus series 4 as a bass head. I also have a Demeter VTBP-201S that I will typically run the electric through and then into the Clarus. The Clarus is a nice amplifier. I don't really like it as a bass guitar amp however. That's why I bring the Demeter along, but that kind of cancels out the benefit of having a small amp like the Clarus. I had thought to have a power amp installed in the Demeter, but I don't like playing upright or synth bass through the Demeter. I also have found that I need separate DI outputs, especially when playing upright. On the Clarus, when I shut off channel 2 (upright) it shuts off in my bass cab, but not through the DI. This has been a problem that I either have to solve by turning the volume down on the channel or using a volume pedal. It's a bit annoying.

    Anyway, what I was thinking was that I already have the Demeter preamp which I like, and maybe I could just get a rackmount power amp (since I'd be stuck with the rack format at that point anyways). If I then got an upright bass preamp/DI of whatever sort, could I just plug that and the Demeter into the power amp to combine the signals? I also would need some sort of preamp for the synth, but maybe there is a something that would work well for synth or upright? If anyone has tackled this sort of problem before, I would love to know how it might be dealt with. Thanks so much!
  2. A stereo power amp would have 2 channels. Now if you want, most will let you combine both input channels to a single output channel. So your upright preamp would run parallel to your Demeter. Now your synth... I'd probably try that through your Demeter preamp. Not sure you can run 3 separate preamps into a single stereo power amp without a mixer otherwise.
  3. b3panda


    Dec 21, 2012
    Allison Park, PA
    Thanks! I used to have a QSC PLX series, but I couldn't remember if you could send both inputs to one output. I should try the synth through the Demeter again to see how I feel about it. It rarely needs any EQ, and I don't really like being tied down to the same tone controls for bass guitar and synth. They seem to put out a pretty different spectrum of sound. The synth might actually put out a hot enough signal to drive a power amp, but I'd rather not be stuck with the synth volume all the way up on a gig. I don't think I would need all three instruments connected at once, so the two inputs would work. Or I guess I could get some sort of simple rack mixer. Things would be getting complicated though. I was so hopeful to not get back into using rack gear! Oh well. Thanks for the help!
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