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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bigdog81165, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to find someone with a very nice "WASHBURN STATUS" who may be willing to put it up for a possible trade. I'm willing to offer what I feel is a very appealing offer for the right bass.
    For sometime i've been having alot of pain in my lower back & leg. It got to a point where after only a couple of songs into a show the pain was unreal & we all know sitting is not an option "at all". After a trip to the neuroligist,I found that the L3,L4,&L5 disc are all herniated along with degenerative spine. Long story short,I sold alot of gear to pay for test/specialist etc..
    I use to own a Washburn Status. For me its sound along with its balance/weight ratio is exactly what I need immediately. With little to no extra funds available,i'm offering everything below in trade. And yes,respectfully I know that $$$ value wise that what i'm offering is considerably more that the $$$ value of the Washburn,(again,I mean no disrespect),but to me its very much worth the trade. Owning a Washburn at the moment would truly be a blessing & is worth it to me. Heck,i'd prob offer more if I had it..So,with this said,you kinda get a feel where i'm at! Everything below is yours!

    1.I have a "Limited Edition" bass that I just put up here on TB for trade tonight. Its a "Limited Edition",marble finish made of burl wood(a gorgeous greenish/blueish)finish,"Ibanez SR 5-String" with an incredible 5 piece neck made of wenge & bubinga & a wenge frettboard with oval inlays made of abalone. It has bartolini pickups & bart preamp,gold hardware with strap locks,much more...LOADED...this is the Ibanez "HIGH END" basses..
    2.I have a nice hardshell case that I will include.
    3.I have a new/mint $249.00 "Reunion Blues"(verifyable) Gig Bag. Very plush with a quilted interior.(I have detailed photos).
    4.I have a new/mint,top of the line "HARTKE XL 15"" Bass Cabinet. Used out once...

    I have detailed photos. If interested,please text me a couple of photos along with details to 423-847-5611 along with your email address & I will send you several photos along with details & info. You may also call anytime with questions. If no answer,please leave a message & I will call you back asap. Either way-Thanks...

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