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I'm new here, suggestions appreciated

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tepes22b, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. tepes22b


    Sep 15, 2005
    Maumee, OH
    Hey guys, I joined this board because I am totally excited about bass guitar again, after years of allowing my skills to languish. I started off as a bass player, and then picked up guitar. For the longest time, I thought guitar was my thing, but I seem to be having a lot more fun with the bass thing, like I can express myself better now.

    Anyway, I joined a new rock/roots/country band, and I want a musical bass with good low end, highs, and a nice growl. I talked to a guy at Guitar Center because I was interested in a Fender Geddy Lee signature they had, but it had been sold a week ago. I asked him what might sound and play similar, so he pointed me to a Warwick Corvette, which I fell in love with after 20-30 minutes of jamming some chops out on it. It growls plenty, and it sounds like it's good for slap. I'm primarily a fingerpicker, and rarely if ever use a pick, but I might try the slap thing a little bit too.

    I guess my question is, does anyone here have any opinions on either bass? I liked the Warwick enough to trade in my two Ibanez basses (mine don't sound like what I'm looking for) and walk out with the Warwick. It was only $899, which was the cheapest I've ever seen one. However, the Geddy Lee sig is $699, I believe. Is it worth giving the Fender a shot? Opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :cool:
  2. I would go for the Warwick, but thats my biased opinion, they are great basses. The active bubinga bodied models especially, they growl and sing. :bassist:

    If you do a search, there will be loads of info on both basses I expect.
  3. tepes22b


    Sep 15, 2005
    Maumee, OH
    Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I couldn't get even near an even trade for that guitar with two Ibanez basses, a POD 2.0, and three Boss pedals. I guess I'll have to put them on Ebay or something.
  4. The best way to get hold of a Warwick is to buy used, the prices arent too bad then. Plus the general opinion is that the earlier Warwicks are a bit better. I couldnt do this with my Streamer as there arent many fretless jazzmans on the market, but there should be a fair few corvettes.

    Good luck!