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Im new to flats. so far I like the DR highbeams, hate the GHS brite

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by 00Funk, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile
    I use "Medium Gauge" LaBella DTB flats on my 5 string....

    .128 - .109 - .089 - .069 . - .049

    They get more amazing with every passing month!
  2. One Drop

    One Drop

    Oct 10, 2004
    Swiss Alps
    Great post above about the Labellas, flat and rounds.

    I had a Steinberger with DTB rounds on it, and it was the closest thing to flats I had ever heard in a round- massive fundamental and a bit more highs than the flats but no zing. Musical describes perfectly LaBella strings to me, in general.
  3. That's cool, but I'm pretty sure they do, unless they're discontinued already.:confused: They're supposed to be a new flat offered by DR, and I was wondering to see how they fit in with your descriptions comparatively. No one else on this forum has offered such a great comparison between flats. And I think that a comparison gives one the best tool when trying to make a "sight unseen or unheard" decision before dropping coin. Rather than just saying it's phat and rich with nice highs, with no comparison, I'm glad you have had the experience with as many strings as you have.
    Here they are at Juststrings http://www.juststrings.com/hibeamflatsdrstringselectricbassguitar.html
  4. fender_mod


    Jun 23, 2005
    i played DR rounds before my switch to DR flats, both great. tension is easy to get used to. classic DR highbeam sound with that thump you want from flats. go with the DR flats and there is no way you can be disapointed.

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