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  1. SCH1SM1C


    Jan 21, 2020
    Yesterday i came across an old Charvel 2B bass from the late 80s and the pickups are fried and i want to basically replace alot of things on it starting with the pickups/electronics. I've got a pair of EMG PJX pickups that i haven't used and a EMG BQC preamp. The issue is that the pickups come with 2 volume pots and 1 tone pot. To avoid drilling more holes in to the bass i want to know if i can wire the bass just using 1 volume pot, a 3-way selector switch and the preamp which is on 2 stacked knobs or do i have to use the tone pot and the other volume pot?
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    You could always get a stacked concentric pot and put the 2 volumes in one hole...
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    With the BQC, the tone pot becomes essentially redundant.

    EMG makes a three-way switch with the solderless connectors. Use that or use a normal one with a bit of soldering; either will require using the buss that comes with the pickups.

    All of the wiring diagrams you need are at EMG’s website.
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  4. SCH1SM1C


    Jan 21, 2020
    Was thinking of doing that at first, but the bass has been modded in the past and it has a 3 way selector switch so i don't necessarily need 2 volume controls.
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    Apr 26, 2017
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    The easiest thing, though it involves buying some stuff, is to look through the EMG website or just reach out to them and get the proper solder-less stuff to build what you want. I think you'd want a blend knob with a PJ setup so you can use mostly P but dial in the J a little.
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  6. SCH1SM1C


    Jan 21, 2020
    I'm pretty much using an all-solderless system with this bass since it's easier. I would like to put a blend in it but again i don't want to drill more holes into it and as dumb ass it will sound i will probably be using the P pickup only and not the J since i wanted to put EMG 35DC and 35CS soapbar pickups, but that would again require drilling into the bass so i settled for the PJ pickups since i just don't like the way J pickups sound.
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    With the BQC, you shouldn’t need to use the pots that come with the pickups. The BQC should have a stacked bass & treble, stacked mid sweep, master volume, and a balance control. It seems that you want to replace the balance with a 3-way switch? IIRC, the Charvel 2B has 3 controls (volume, volume, tone). To take full advantage of the BQC preamp, whether you use the balance or 3-way switch, you should have locations in the bass for 4 controls.