I'm pissed off!!

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  1. Now I have a f**ing weird problem as you probably know if you read my other thread that my p-bass has one big problem, it don't work :mad: .

    So I decided to go see a tech... He plug the bass in and wow, it works perfecly.

    Now I come back to my home try the bass thru my 2 amps and it don't work, so I try the same thing with another cable and it don't work either.

    Then I notice something when I touch a pick-up polepiece and pluck a string, I can hear it thru my amps.

    What is happening:( :confused: ???

    I beg you all for help please Help me what is happening I am totally confuse and I love this bass. :(
  2. help anyone???:bawl:
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    My best guess would be a bad connection in the output jack on your bass, especially if it works intermittently.
  4. thank you, so I think I'll go back the music store hoping it won't work there...
  5. check the connections with a soldering iron...
    no big deal!

  6. I just solved my problem: I took the bass apart and re-did all the solderings and tadam! it works
  7. :bassist: :cool: