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I'm sorry, this is just too funny...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by SpankBass, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. hahaha


    she will be in my nightmares. I fear that grandma.
  3. Nanna? :p



  4. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002
    ummmmmm......there is no emoticon for how I feel right now
  5. Horny? :eek:


  6. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    The old broad has a point...

    brad cook
  7. silvermaneZ


    Oct 10, 2000
    Houston, TX
    Check out the website where that pic came from. www.consumptionjunction.com

    One of the most horribly wrong sites on the web.(Which means you have to spend hours pouring over it.):p

  8. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA

    BTW Nice Sig Spanky... I think ;)
  9. consumption junction is despicable. they just take other's pictures, often editing out a previous watermark, and stamp it with their own logo.
  10. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...

    .... Ill never look at you merls and robot.. sheez...
    shes dead now.. =(
    she had a heart attack..
    and no its not your fault merls..*says under breath* you wish!!!

    hehehe :D :rolleyes: :D

    that looks alot like my house before we got new tile.. and that looks a helluva lot like my granny..
    even the punching bag hanging from her chin!

    and is it just me??? or is that a bottle of liquor on the counter?!?! hhahahah!
  11. Bob Clayton

    Bob Clayton Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2001
    Philly Suburbs


    that awesome

  12. This is taken out of the hatemail section:
    The Hate Mail:

    Name:Daniel Lane
    Email: stileprojectrulezzz@hotmail.com
    Subject: Your a Stile Ripoff!

    Dear %SITE_NAME% Webmaster,

    Ive been visiting your site for about 2 months now and I've noticed a LOT of things that seem to remind me of StileProject.com. It's as if you've just gone through the Stile archives and duplicated them onto your frontpage. What's the problem? Can't you find/create your own content? How can you run a site that's ENTIRELY stolen from someone elses website, don't you feel at all sad. How can you even sleep at night? You make me sick.

    I bet you just spend all day HARVESTING through the old news, looking for pictures to steal then edit the StileProject.com logo replaced with your own. WHAT THE ****? StileProject is 100% ORIGINAL content and you're ripping it off.

    YOU'RE A SELLOUT! Stile puts so many hours of work into his site each day, that's why its so popular. You just rip off the content and post it as your own. You are NOTHING compared to Stile! ****ing hell! Why can't you do something by yourself for once instead of relying on StileProject to come up with ideas for you to steal, pictures to harvest and videos to edit. You good for nothing bastard. Im pretty sure you just sit home all day going through StileMedia.com harvesting each picture you see and modifying it so it looks like its your image.

    Everyone knows StileProject is the original E/N site and all these little sellout, ripoff webmaster kids who try to copy it are just pathetic. You will never be as popular as Stile, now go and ****ing die.

    ps. Your layout sucks

    STILE SUX!!!!

    -Daniel Lane

    The Response:

    [CJ's Marc responds in the orangey, dookie-brown color]

    You accuse of doing nothing original, and yet you can't even send an original email! ****ing %SITE_NAME% mail-merge moron. Let me clear up a few things for your diluted mental capacity. First, Stile's got a good site and he's a cool guy. I AIM with him all the time. 2nd, not all of Stile's content "100% ORIGINAL", if you really think it is, you're the biggest moron on the internet. He gets **** submitted to him just like we do. That's why we've got a lot of the same content as Stile, Bangedup, Rotten, etc. It's all the same **** floating around the internet. We just have more of it because we have more people coming to our site. Stile and I are cool with our each other. We do NOT "harvest" **** from his site. Our users visit both sites and they submit content from Stile. Anything we get in our submissions box that has Stile's watermark on it, we delete.

    "Stile puts so many hours of work into his site each day, that's why its so popular."

    Stile does work his ass off on his site. It takes a lot more work to post all that content when you're adding so much editorial to it. But, for the record, we've got 12 employees working for us. We have three full-time content guys. That's why we have so much more content. As for "popularity", how do you measure that? Is it by daily unique visitors? CJ = 350,000 vs. Stile = 100,000. Is it by size of company? Stile = 1 (and a buddy programmer) vs. CJ = 12. Is it by monthly revenue? Stile = non of your damn business vs. CJ = still none of your damn business, but talking with Stile, CJ's is roughly 3 times his. Is it by user loyalty? I'll gladly give Stile the upper hand on that one. His fans are fanatics. You are a great case in point. You write a bitchy email, do a mail-merge on the site name and I'm sure you sent it out to every similar site. Is it by intelligence of the fans? Again, you're not helping Stile much on that front.

    The bottom line is that you're comparing two completely different sites. I'll gladly give you and Stile that StileProject is the original top-dog E/N site. He pioneered the concept. CJ is not, never has been, never will be an E/N site. We're simply the world's largest, most visited, archive of crazy crap. Stile has a much more editorial side to his site. We're the AOL of this stuff. We make it very easy to come in, look at content and get out. If you like Stile's style, great. Just understand that different doesn't mean worse.

    "all these little sellout, ripoff webmaster kids who try to copy it are just pathetic. You will never be as popular as Stile, now go and ****ing die"

    "ripoff"? Already covered that one above. We're different sites with different functionality. If you bothered to look at CJ before you sent your pathetic little email, you'd know that.

    "Webmaster kids"? Sorry ass-munch. We're all adult, experienced, professionals. 12 of us. We just happen to be some of the sickest ****s on earth.

    "try to copy it"? I've really just talked about content so far, but your comment about copying Stile made me think of something else. Every time we put up a new affiliate program, four days later, it's running on Stile, Bangedup, and all the other E/N sites. Hell, I introduced Stile to TrafficCashGold.com, the affiliate program that's 90% of his advertising. Notice the tall 120x240 banners on all the sites these days? That's us. When we redesigned our site in October 2001, we decided to go with that size. I know all the banners for porn sites out there are because of us because they never existed before we contacted them all and told them that if they wanted to advertise on our site, they had to create them. Every 120x240 and 180x150 porn banner you see on the net was originally made for CJ. Affiliate programs out there are literally buying their way onto CJ because they know that if others see them running on CJ, they'll get new webmasters sending them traffic. All the E/N sites work with the advertisers that we work with because they know we've got the most experience in the Adult industry. I've never seen any other site like CJ show up to the Adult trade shows. Can you name a single site out there that has the pull to say to the affiliate programs "you know, if you want our traffic, you're going to have to pre-pay us"?

    "You will never be as popular as Stile" Ha. We're the 600th busiest website on earth. We do 5,500,000 page impressions EVERY DAY. We've got 5,000,000 monthly visitors. Based on your email, it's obvious that you didn't check CJ out, or you'd know that we're different types of sites. So, without visiting the site, you still had heard of us enough to include us in your little crusade. Guess that means we're bigger than you think?

    "now go and ****ing die" Never. We're never going anywhere. We've got millions of fans. We update with great content everyday. More importantly, we are the #1 place to get crazy crap. We've already established this position. It wouldn't take more than a month to build a site with our exact same functionality, but it would NEVER be bigger than CJ because we're already in the minds of all the sick ****s. You could go out and build a car exactly like a Ford Mustang, but you'll never be as big as Ford because nobody's heard of you. Actually, that's another great point. You're a little loud-mouth bitchy punk. Why don't you put up or shut the **** up? I didn't notice a link to your site in your email. Where's you're great work of internet art?

    Bottom line, setup your stupid little stileprojectrulezz@hotmail.com and continue your pathetic little crusade. But don't **** with the big dogs. Even when I'm rolling my ass off on 3 tabs of X, drunk as **** off 16 shots of tequila, or hanging out in Amsterdam stoned out of my gourd, I've still got more intelligence in my nastiest dingle-berry hanging off my ******* than you'll ever hope to possess. Stay in the kiddie pool or you'll drown in your own ignorance.

  13. uh huh. nowhere in that letter does he address, much less defend, the fact that he steals pictures and marks them as his own. inexcusable.

    i don't like stileproject either, by the way.
  14. lesfleanut

    lesfleanut Guest

    Sep 25, 2001
    Syracuse N.Y.
    He said that all photos that are sent in by fans with the stile watermark are deleted. So he basically said... If it was edited, it wasnt us.

    Blaming your fans for tamering with pictures that you tampered with... Thats cool. :rolleyes:

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