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I'm the only one that hates winter apparently

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by BassGuyFL, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. BassGuyFL

    BassGuyFL Formerly known as RichardCranium Supporting Member

    Mar 9, 2009
    Boynton Bch FL
    My least favorite season is upon us now, winter. Apparently I'm the only one that despises the cold and wishes summer would get here like yesterday. To me cold is under 70 degrees and under 60 means heavy jackets and long-johns plus the heat blasting.

    In full disclosure I grew up in south Florida where winter doesn't exist and also being a small thin guy with like 1% body fat sure doesn't help.

    Any other warm weather fans out there? I can't be the only one!
  2. Darth Handsome

    Darth Handsome Banned

    Oct 1, 2010
    I like winter, as long as I'm not working outside.

    But I'm from Winnipeg. Your idea of winter is much different than mine.
  3. Bloodhammer

    Bloodhammer Twinkle Twinkle Black Star

    Jul 7, 2009
    Shreveport, Louisiana
    You live in Florida and Texas and you can't wait until summer? Dude, you must have spent last July and August indoors because walking out of the house felt like stepping into a kiln.
  4. No, you're not the only one.

    I don't like the cold weather either. I'm not into any of the winter sports and see the snow as something that just has to be moved. This comes from a life time north easterner too. I can take the heat better than the cold. As a narcissistic I don't mind the above average weather we are having. :D
  5. fourstringdrums

    fourstringdrums Decidedly Indecisive Supporting Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    I'm in New Hampshire and I hate the winter. Aside from the holidays there is nothing good about it....cold weather, snow, dry chapped hands.. My favorite season is Fall actually.
  6. MatticusMania

    MatticusMania LANA! HE REMEMBERS ME!

    Sep 10, 2008
    Pomona, SoCal
    Early spring is alright, too.
  7. elgecko


    Apr 30, 2007
    Anasleim, CA
    I like to camp in the desert in the middle of Summer. It's usually empty...except for Death Valley, which is popular with the Euros in Summer.
  8. MatticusMania

    MatticusMania LANA! HE REMEMBERS ME!

    Sep 10, 2008
    Pomona, SoCal
    Are they naked Euros?
    I like to camp in the mountains during the summer, though empty they are not.
    I'm naked up that way, myself. :bag:
  9. Staccato

    Staccato Low End Advocate

    Aug 14, 2009
    There's some people in Alaska REALLY hating the unusually high snowfall during the past weeks/months.
  10. elgecko


    Apr 30, 2007
    Anasleim, CA
    They're not usually naked but for some reason, Speedos are really popular. :atoz:
  11. I dont mind seasons but i hate heat!

    If its more than 70 i start sweating... I just wasnt designed for heat! The fact that i dont believe in shorts doesnt help!

    I actually prefer winter than a hot summer!
  12. MatticusMania

    MatticusMania LANA! HE REMEMBERS ME!

    Sep 10, 2008
    Pomona, SoCal
    Ever see the movie Into The Wild? Your post reminded me of the german couple (topless chick!) camping along the Colorado River.
  13. elgecko


    Apr 30, 2007
    Anasleim, CA
    Yup, great flick...the soundtrack might've been even better.
  14. sneha1965


    Nov 7, 2007
    I'm not a fan of Winter. When I lived in CA my favorite season was Summer but, since moving to VA, my favorite seasons have become Spring and Fall. Summer is too humid and with Mosquitos, it's not as enjoyable being outside as it is in CA during the Summer.
  15. MatticusMania

    MatticusMania LANA! HE REMEMBERS ME!

    Sep 10, 2008
    Pomona, SoCal
    I agree.
  16. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    I've lived in the North East for most of my life. I despise winter. After I'm done with my education, I'd really like to move some place with a more even climate (and by more even, I mean more towards the warm/hot spectrum).

    I enjoyed NC's weather when I lived there for a while. Although, when they do get hit with snow, the road crews aren't equipped for it like they are here.
  17. Word.

    It sure has been a nice winter up until recently, though - hard to complain too much.
  18. Bob Lee (QSC)

    Bob Lee (QSC) In case you missed it, I work for QSC Audio! Commercial User

    Jul 3, 2001
    Costa Mesa, Calif.
    Technical Communications Developer, QSC Audio
    I miss winter.
  19. Skitch it!

    Skitch it!

    Sep 6, 2010
    Everything is walk-able where I'm at so that makes a difference.
    A good winter for me was 3 years ago, I didn't/couldn't drive for 2 months so did everything on foot with a rucksack.

    I experienced a white-out hiking a local mountain, new at first but a bit sketchy later. About 2 meters of vision and some not inconsiderable drops to walk off the edge of. I could see how you could walk in circles for how ever long in those conditions, couldn't make out any landmarks or contours at all.

    What we've had for the last couple of years tends to turn to slush within a couple of days, which is messy.
  20. pedroims


    Dec 19, 2007
    Nothing like grilled some good steaks, wearing shorts and going to the beach to watch those hotties wearing their bikinnies ...yep I hate winter too, right now is snowing over here :(

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