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I'm thinking of going Epifani...vs EBS

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mike Flynn, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Can anyone shed some light on the Epifani gear?

    I'm going to check it out tomorrow at the bass shop I like (The Gallery in London) but what have you guys got - head/combo/speakers - and what's it good for? I've quite playing rocky stuff and I'm thinking of just using it for funk and jazz gigs - I'm probably going to go for the 1x12 combo and an extension cab - but any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    I know I've been quick to shout the benefits of the EBS sound but I'm not that happy with it any more, so any thoughts on Epifani vs. EBS would also be welcome.


  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    I sold my EBS rig (Fafner/4x10) and picked up a Stewart World 2.1 / Read Purity / Epi UL 4x10.

    What I've come to understand about EBS is that it's incredibly clear and high fi, extremely hard-hitting, aggressive in the mids, not so strong in the lows. The tweeter in the EBS cab is nice, but can get a little harsh, particularly with my Spector NS-4 (though all rigs can sound harsh with this bass).

    IMO, the Epifani is clear, but not any more clear than the EBS. It's a little fuller sounding, particularly in the low mids. To me, the Epi sounds a little more round, a little more natural. The highs, due to the tweeter in the Epi rig, are as musical as I could have ever imagined, then some.:D The Epi seems to have a slight bump in the mids, but not quite as much as the EBS rig.

    I really loved my EBS rig, but like the current one even more. What it'll come down to is the kind of sound you're after.
  3. Cheers dude - I'm going to have a go on some Epi stuff tomorrow - the thing that is bugging me about EBS is that it sounds wonderful for that tight finger stuff or slap but lacks a certain warmth, and like you say, rounded tone. Don't get me wrong I love the EBS stuff but I think I want something a bit broader in tonal possibilities, and I've been really trying to weigh up the benefits of having a powerful amp head + cab against the benefits of having a combo that can run an extension speaker/cab - the latter is what I want as always taking the head and cab is a real pain the butt. So the fact the Epi can kick out roughly 400 watts plus with the extension cab is awesome...

    So typical isn't it when you think you're sorted, like I did with the EBS, I now discover a new world of possibilities...!
  4. Urb

    I briefly looked at EBS when I was searching for a new rig, but when I tried out some Epifani cabs at "The Gallery", EBS got blown away.

    I got a Epi 1x10 UL cab which has given me excellent service and I was going to pair it with a 1x12 UL when it came out. However whilst I was waiting for the Epifani 1X12 UL to come out, Accugroove came to the UK and I gave them a demo. The rest as they say is history. I brought an Accugroove cab.

    I now pair my Epifani 1x10 UL with an Accugroove Tri112L. The Epifani is a great cab that is very detailed and clear etc and it is so light in weight. However when Accugroove came to the UK I had to change my views.

    The Accugroove for me is the best sounding gear around that I have heard. It will reproduce the signal it is given totally faithfully and responds fantastically well to amp or bass eq changes. It too is light in weight a real bonus.

    As you are going to the Gallery, check them out. They are expensive but sound so good, and in my opinion are worth the extra.

    If you do decide on Epifani great, it is very good gear and you wont be disappointed, but do check out Accugroove.

    Keep us informed in how you have got on.


  5. HI Matt,

    Man if I could just take a week off and stay at the Gallery, you know put a little camp bed in the corner, and just play all those basses (I'd have to set them up the way I like 'em) but that place is the bollox!

    Firstly I just want to say that I really love my EBS stuff for the funk band I play in - see hear for an example of the sound:


    But I tried the Epifani stuff and it is just amazing - I have a 'friend' who has promised to help me get a really good deal on one of their little combos - which I want for my fretless and for small jazz gigs - and I have also heard the Accugroove stuff as I had a lesson with Steve Lawson the other week and his new stereo set up is wonderful. Basically I am aiming for a small but extremely high quality combo - I might well go Epifani (so natural sounding it was incredible - like a really good wine, I could just hear/tatste all these nuances in the tones, just beautiful), but the Accugroove stuff, or even the Aguilar are both possibilities - I'm not in a rush and as far as my funk set up goes I love the EBS sound - though I admit it really isn't as subtle or refined as the other makes - but it kicks ass nonetheless.

    I'll definitely let you know what I decide upon - but a wholesale change is a little toodrastic for me to consider at presentr - thanks for the tips.


  6. FR5


    Feb 12, 2004
  7. Cheers Steven - interesting read that thread - I think I will look into the 1x12 combo - as I definitely want some bottom end but in a really small amp - it sounds perfect now all I have to do is get the money together - thanks for your help.

  8. FR5


    Feb 12, 2004
    BTW, that Chapman bass looks very nice indeed! And yes, of course I was also in the audience in De Melkweg at the Bela Fleck concert with the stupendous Victa. And I shook the man's hand afterwards (couldn't speak, totally choked up) :)
  9. Cheers - yeah that was some gig - I interviewed Vic a while ago and luckily I did before the show because afterwards I was kind of speechless - bit like in Amsterdam - I have a bootleg of that show which I might well be able to copy - PM me if you're interested - and yeah, I love my fretless!


  10. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    i dunno,

    i've tried many EBS 4x10 cabs, and found them rather congested and overly fat (like that could ever be a bad thing) in the mids. just didnt seem nearly as clean or as detailed as the Epifani, which after using the EBS, is like lifting a blanket from your tone.
  11. Hey Joker,

    Agreed on the fat mids with EBS - it really suits the funk thing I'm doing - and the power is all there - but I'm looking at the Epi gear for some subtler music making if you know what I mean? My set up is still far from perfect but it's something that just kind of develops over the years - at least I have a couple of really nice basses that essentially sound good through almost any amp - my Warwick sounds above average through the crappiest speakers, believe me - but it's the fretless that is now the sound that I want to work on - I need a top class amp to make this bass shine as well - hence my Epi quest. Should I get enough cash together I may go over completely to them - but then there's always Accugroove and Aquillar.....choices eh?
  12. bassomane


    Apr 3, 2002
    Instead of spending a lot of money for a new amp and cab I recommend you to try out the Boss ME-50B.
    Like as any bassist on the planet I like to change my tone from time to time. Sometimes I like it funky, then more growly another time fat and deep and so on. Also playing the EBS HD350 & EBS 410 I can get all the sounds out of it. With the ME50 you can vary your sound so fine only with the use of the different compressors. Adding some tube overdrive makes your gear sounding so fat!!! Buying the BOSS only for the compressor, EQ and the tuner is worth the money. Getting all the most important effects you will ever use (or not) is even better.
    I also really like to play passiv basses through my rig. They sound more warm and growlier wich I prefer.