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I'm thinking of Selling the Stingray

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sdguyman, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. sdguyman


    Jan 31, 2003
    San Diego
    I've got an immaculate not a scratch ding or dent EB Stingray in natural finish 4 string that I never play. I have been playing a 5 string G&L2500 almost all the time and have to force myself to play the Stingray. Anyway, I have been racking my brain to sell it for either a Stingray 5 or the Fender American Jazz Deluxe V. I just cant decide.

    What is your opinion?
  2. Personally I would go for the Stingray 5. But, I'm a Stingray fanatic. I've owned and played the Jazz V, and the body is large and the neck is rather thick. But it's all a matter of personal preference. I would suggest checking out as many basses as you can, and keep an open mind. You might find one that suits your needs, and playing style better than either of these basses.

  3. agreed. I own a jazz four string (haven't owned a Jazz V), but I have played them, and I must say that it isn't really my thing. Why didn't you play the stingray four? Was the GL just that sweet, or was there some other problem with the ray? The reason I ask is because it might be easier for us to give advice if we know your problems with it.
  4. Year? Maple or Rosewood? 2 or 3 band EQ? :)
  5. sdguyman


    Jan 31, 2003
    San Diego
    I'm not exatly sure of the year. I think late 90's or 2000's. Maple neck and fingerboard serial # E33950 with a White Pearloid pickguard, 3 band EQ. I have a tourtise shell guard for it also but I just dont like it on this guitar. I bought it less than a year ago at GC. It came with a MUSICMAN HSC.

    The reason why I end up playing the GL2500 is that I have adapted to using the B string alot now. There is something about hitting the low D and C notes that makes a person melt. Plus the GL has so many tone variations. I really don't want to go into a debate on tone. I have tried the BONGO 5 but can't get over the poplar and painted neck. If they made this guitar in Ash and not painted the neck I'd be all over it. I really like to see the wood grain in my guitars this is why I bought the Stingray in natural and my GL in Transparent Honey.

    I've tried both Stingray 5 and the Fender. I don't like the pickguard on the Stingray 5 plus the body is slight different than the original Stingray. This is definetly not a Fender design. But then neither is the GL and Fender V. I think the closest to a Fender design is the GL because he was developing a 5 string before he died, I think that was what I was told.

    Anyway I have heard some negative things about the V so I am stuck with the decision.

    I'd still like to hear your opinions of what I should do.
  6. According to this page, your Stingray was likely made in late '02.

    Don't like the Stingray5 just cos of the pickguard? I recommend getting a black one with a black PG. You won't really notice it. Mine is like that....

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