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I'm trying it again...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by 3 crotch grabs, May 21, 2004.

    you will not escape the wrath. i must know what kind of make up you will be wearing to church on sunday!

    What to wear:
    What NOT to wear:
    What to shoe:
    What to handbag:
    What to hair:
    What to makeup:
    What to read:
    What to see:
    What to listen to:
    What to eat:
    Where to eat it:
    What to drink:
    Where to drink it:
    Secret Weapon:
    Where to travel:
    Color of the Moment:
    Rodent of the week:
    Can't Live Without:
    Current GAS:

    What to wear: i'm going for the beer stained wife beater look
    What NOT to wear: anything that requires dry cleaning when you spill beer on it
    What to shoe: docs. my campers are falling apart, and it looks like rain
    What to handbag: my new furry coach purse. no, wait... wallet. yeah, a nice manly wallet.
    What to hair: just took it all off. i'm hawt. i'll wear my elmer fudd hat if my ears get cold
    What to makeup: i have soap that is made of dirt. it smells good. that's all i need, cause i'm hawt.
    What to read: carla emery's homesteading encyclopedia, little house on the prarie (don't make fun of me) and "the way we were" stories by and about the native california indian tribes
    What to see: apparently, there's a "bike rodeo" going on this weekend, and my friend's metal band "carnaceria" is playing. along with some lap-steel/therimen/drunk band. should be interesting.... if their's beer.
    What to listen to: SBC employees on strike outside my apartment at five a.m.
    What to eat: i want a hot dog
    Where to eat it: probably at union square. they have some hot dog vendors.
    What to drink: beer. ice cold, and cheap.
    Where to drink it: wherever i damn well please.
    Secret Weapon: gravity *don't mess with gravity, son*
    Where to travel: i don't know if i really want to travel out to the ghetto for that bike rodeo. we'll see. it's on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY
    Color of the Moment: the color of DOOM!
    Rodent of the week: hmm... i'm going with the ground hog.
    Can't Live Without: clean underwear
    Current GAS: all i really want is the freaking power cord for my freaking amp, so i can freaking here myself freaking play.
  2. What to wear: This (sniff) no, this...(sniff) no, this (sniff... sniff...) yeah, this is pretty clean. :help:
    What NOT to wear: (sniff) Gack! Definitely not this!
    What to shoe: Hmmm, velcro or slip-ons? Slip-ons today.
    What to handbag: Derringer
    What to hair: Plucking the gray (grey) ones
    What to makeup: A good excuse for being late
    What to read: actionscript
    What to see: the beauty in life
    What to listen to: the voices... the voices...
    What to eat: 3 chicken soft tacos
    Where to eat it: Reseda
    What to drink: 1/2 coke, 1/2 cherry coke. Then later, tequila
    Where to drink it: 1. Reseda; 2. TBA
    Secret Weapon: Charm and invisible force fields
    Where to travel: Reseda. You know, for chicken soft tacos.
    Color of the Moment: Red
    Rodent of the week: Nutria
    Can't Live Without: chrome
    Current GAS: Delay pedal or sampler. New cello.
  3. Matthew Bryson

    Matthew Bryson Guest

    Jul 30, 2001
    What to wear & What to shoe:
    Jeans, boots & "hickory" shirt for work around the yard, garden, and barn - jeans, T shirt and sneakers to Blues jam on Sunday.
    What NOT to wear: slacks or anything with a collar.
    What to handbag: My gig bag! I get to play outside of the house this weekend! Yay!
    What to hair: Oh, my hair sucks - I've been wearing a short crew cut and at the request of my significant other I'm growing it out a bit. It's too short to comb yet, but long enough to look messy. I should wear a hat.
    What to makeup: I need to make up with my wife - as soon as she calms down a bit I'll try to figure out why she is so mad and begin apologizing for whatever I've done.
    What to read: Reading poisons the mind.
    What to see: See if I can gat back in the wife's good graces, hopefully sooner than later...
    What to listen to: Traditional Blues. (record play along / practice by myself Sat. & attend a first time blues jam with some guys Sun)
    What to eat: Hungry-Man XXL Backyard BBQ - my new obsession. Oh, I might have to eat crow. (yeah, the PO'd wife thing again…)
    Where to eat it: XXL BBQ = Where ever I can. Crow = where ever I have to.
    What to drink: Milk.
    Where to drink it: At the dinner table.
    Secret Weapon: just enough for one puff before setting up and jamming...
    Where to travel: Burien for blues jam.
    Color of the Moment: Blue?
    Rodent of the week: The Hamster. I saw baby hamsters this week - only rodents I think I've seen all week.
    Can't Live Without: Oxygen, Water, Food - in that order and it will never change.
    Current GAS: 87 octane - who can afford anything more!?
  4. BustinJustin

    BustinJustin banned

    Sep 12, 2003
    NYC, LI too
    What to wear: leather everything... yes everything...f-vegans
    What NOT to wear: flip flops
    What to shoe: high tops
    What to handbag: fanny pak
    What to hair: short, bass player hair... I still have all mine!
    What to makeup: don't need any, I'm pretty on the inside.
    What to read: Fountain Head
    What to see: Sex in the city :eyebrow:
    What to listen to: Dr Dre- The Cronic
    What to eat: box
    Where to eat it: in bed
    What to drink: Black and Tans
    Where to drink it: everywhere
    Secret Weapon: duct tape
    Where to travel: Amsterdam
    Color of the Moment: Tan
    Rodent of the week: my boss
    Can't Live Without: Flan, bass, chicks w/ dirty knees :eek:
    Current GAS: all your stuff
  5. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002
    What to Shoe: Tevas
  6. Passinwind

    Passinwind I Know Nothing Supporting Member Commercial User

    Dec 3, 2003
    Columbia River Gorge, WA.
    Owner/Designer &Toaster Tech Passinwind Electronics
    What to wear:Paisley
    What NOT to wear:Nike
    What to shoe:Barefoot
    What to handbag:Chronic
    What to hair:Mullet
    What to makeup:Lost time
    What to read:SPAM
    What to see:The end of the fourth set at my gig Sat. night
    What to listen to:Steve Coleman
    What to eat:Phad Phed
    Where to eat it:Thailand
    What to drink:Cadillac Margarita
    Where to drink it:Milagro's; Paia, Maui north shore
    Secret Weapon:Electric upright bass
    Where to travel:Trinidad
    Color of the Moment:Clear tung oil finish
    Rodent of the week:W.
    Can't Live Without:Mo' bass
    Current GAS: $2.64, and rising
  7. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    What to wear: shorts
    What NOT to wear: a bra. As a man with no man boobs, I don't need one.
    What to shoe: air Jesus
    What to handbag: no
    What to hair: shaved
    What to makeup: a story about pirates
    What to read: new neal stephenson book
    What to see: my porch get repaired
    What to listen to: the alien voices
    What to eat: something grilled
    Where to eat it: outside
    What to drink: Warstiener and Corona
    Where to drink it: outside
    Secret Weapon: sawz-all
    Where to travel: home despot
    Color of the Moment: black
    Rodent of the week: mouse
    Can't Live Without: teeth
    Current GAS: yes, I had a burrito for lunch
  8. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Guest

    Feb 15, 2003
    What to wear: Cords
    What NOT to wear: Jacket
    What to shoe: Old ones with holes or new ones without...
    What to handbag: no thanks
    What to hair: bed hair
    What to makeup: again, no thanks
    What to read: 'Spliffs'
    What to see: My g/f
    What to listen to: Superfly
    What to eat: Lots
    Where to eat it: doesnt bother me
    What to drink: Diluted Orange
    Where to drink it: My Bedroom
    Secret Weapon: Joint
    Where to travel: Holywood
    Color of the Moment: The colour of the woman's skin on tv.
    Rodent of the week: Daddy Longlegs
    Can't Live Without: Superbad
    Current GAS: Mesa 400+, Mesa RR 4x10 + 1x15, GK 2001RB + 4x10 + 1x15. MM Stingray, MTD Kingston 4, Flea bass (4 String)
  9. girlybassplaya

    girlybassplaya Guest

    Mar 24, 2004
    What to wear: why put clothes on if you dont have to?
    What NOT to wear: clothes duh. . .
    What to shoe: no shoes
    What to handbag: just the poolside stuff
    What to hair: pony tail with deep conditioner all weekend
    What to makeup: a reason to get out of the sun
    What to read: tha davinci code. . . again. . .
    What to see: troy, cant wait
    What to listen to: a little sting, a little offspring. . .
    What to eat: mexican. . . food you sickos
    Where to eat it: dos serranos(note to self put clothes on to go out)
    What to drink: a little long island iced tea. . . only one though, or i'll be smashed, and dont need a hangover. . .
    Where to drink it: by the pool
    Secret Weapon: not telling. . . thats why its a secret. . .
    Where to travel: to starbucks for sure. . .
    Color of the Moment: pink. . . i know. . . i know. . .
    Rodent of the week: lets change this one. . . how bout man of the week. . . kinda like rodents, eh??
    Can't Live Without: sunglasses
    Current GAS: a longer weekend. . .
  10. What to wear:probably clothes would be good
    What NOT to wear:anything that cost(d) more than $10
    What to shoe:Chucks
    What to handbag:Hemp wallet
    What to hair:Get it wet, then whap it around
    What to makeup:Air
    What to read:George Carlin's Napalm & Silly Putty
    What to see:A 7' foot tall women named Pam
    What to listen to: Lightning Bolt
    What to eat: Food, probably a burger
    Where to eat it: My car
    What to drink: Monster energy drink
    Where to drink it: My car
    Secret Weapon: Empty Airzona green tea cans in the trunk
    Where to travel: Somewhere out of RI
    Color of the Moment: Black
    Rodent of the week: Swamp rat
    Can't Live Without: Monster energy drink
    Current GAS: Avatar 2x12 Sansamp RBI
  11. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    What to wear: shorts, tee shirt
    What NOT to wear: dress clothes
    What to shoe: boots
    What to handbag: fanny pack
    What to hair: still shaved
    What to makeup: sunscreen
    What to read: information week
    What to see: the inside of my eyelids
    What to listen to: audioslave
    What to eat: pasta
    Where to eat it: my kitchen
    What to drink: iced tea
    Where to drink it: budd bay cafe
    Secret Weapon: lawn mower
    Where to travel: golf course
    Color of the Moment: green
    Rodent of the week: possum
    Can't Live Without: cell phone
    Current GAS: Lakland

    thanks for askin'

  12. Eyescream


    Feb 4, 2004
    Knoxville, TN
    What to wear: Whatever's clean. I don't care.
    What NOT to wear: Whatever's not clean. I don't care.
    What to shoe: Adidas lowtops
    What to handbag: my switchblade
    What to hair: Guess I could comb my goatee since I don't have any hair.
    What to makeup: probably oughta shave before i go out.
    What to read: Design Dialogues, by Stephen Heller
    What to see: Scantily clad girls from the club across the street once I'm at the bar.
    What to listen to: Johnny Mack's Blues Attack from 9PM until 1AM on WDVX
    What to eat: Cajun Chicken Pasta
    Where to eat it: Patrick Sullivan's
    What to drink: Guinness, barkeep! And keep it coming!
    Where to drink it: The afformentioned Patrick Sullivan's
    Secret Weapon: my mastery of the dark side of the force
    Where to travel: Tijuana, so I can se a donkey show
    Color of the Moment: black
    Rodent of the week: titmouse
    Can't Live Without: the hope that somewhere in the world a spider monkey is throwing poop at somebody.
    Current GAS: a fretless 4 string
  13. Benjamin Strange

    Benjamin Strange Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner / Tech: Strange Guitarworks
    What to wear: Yoga shorts
    What NOT to wear: anything leather
    What to shoe: sandals - but NOT leather!
    What to handbag: anything not made out of cows
    What to hair: baldness
    What to makeup: scary yoga face paint
    What to read: B'Ghad Vita
    What to see: Akuma suffering the experience of my flying spinning yoga headbutt!
    What to listen to: Ravi Shankar
    What to eat: Not cows.
    Where to eat it: On a leaf.
    What to drink: Water.
    Where to drink it: From the Gangese river.
    Secret Weapon: YOGA NOOGIE!
    Where to travel: To Japan, to kick Ryu's ass.
    Color of the Moment: Red - No, Blue!
    Rodent of the week: Capybara
    Can't Live Without: Yoga fire
    Current GAS: World Fighting Championship
  14. What to wear: Nothing.
    What NOT to wear: Clothes.
    What to shoe: Wellies.
    What to handbag: N/A
    What to hair: Mullet.
    What to makeup: N/A
    What to read: Infidels.
    What to see: Porn. Failing that, some random movie.
    What to listen to: M Squared.
    What to eat: Toasted cheese, ham and chili sandwiches.
    Where to eat it: At home.
    What to drink: Beer.
    Where to drink it: Some random bush.
    Secret Weapon: Randomness.
    Where to travel: Town.
    Color of the Moment: Fleshy.
    Rodent of the week: Elephant shrew.
    Can't Live Without: Coffee.
    Current GAS: Some random big amp.
  15. Marlat


    Sep 17, 2002
    London UK
    What to wear: new Zenga pants (sales rule!)
    What NOT to wear: anything fitted (damn this beergut!)
    What to shoe: anything closed toe (its cold today)
    What to handbag: I am the handbag :(
    What to hair: I think "the fin" today
    What to makeup: lip blam
    What to read: The Grapes of Wrath
    What to see: Eurovision 2004
    What to listen to: Zappa - One Size Fits All
    What to eat: Modern Asian
    Where to eat it: Rockpool
    What to drink: James Squire Amber Ale
    Where to drink it: James Squire Brew House
    Secret Weapon: Air Freshener
    Where to travel: anywhere but here
    Colour of the Moment: Brown
    Rodent of the week: Bilby
    Can't Live Without: Air
    Current GAS: Sadowsky Vintage 4
  16. What to wear: RHCP shirt, my 3rd last pair of boxers and 2nd last pair of socks...laundry time!
    What NOT to wear: pants...they're still damp from walking in the rain earlier
    What to shoe: Cherokees...also still damp
    What to handbag: hand what? backpack and a wallet, yo.
    What to hair: soaked in the rain, dried in a crazy fashion!
    What to makeup: my mind
    What to read: history or astronomy textbooks...or TB
    What to see: boobies! okay, probably not.
    What to listen to: Craig Garfinkel's version of "The Chicken"...hooked on it
    What to eat: Chef Boyardee...don't have any milk or margarine so I can't make any real food :rollno:
    Where to eat it: my apartment
    What to drink: what's in the fridge? 5 kinds of pop, 3 juices, 3 kinds of beer, random other liquor...I'm only stocked in beverages.
    Where to drink it: on my ass
    Secret Weapon: the tornado that I saw almost form a few hours ago
    Where to travel: my friend's apartment to use his washer/dryer
    Color of the Moment: green, because the sky was that color earlier...freaked me out
    Rodent of the week: squirrels...you're talking about hunting season, right?
    Can't Live Without: new smilies :eyebrow: :scowl: :rollno: they're all blue!! :eek: ah, there's another one!!!
    Current GAS: about 1/2 full, not looking forward to filling it