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Im very happy with my band

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Warwickthumb, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. As I read stories of other fellow bass players having problems with thier bands. I think of how lucky I am to be in a jazz band with a great group of guys. Sappy i know, but true. This all started out as a simple jazz project. I loved jazz, always wanted to play it, just to scared to get a group together because of, well my lack of knowlege of jazz theory etc. So I put an ad in craigs list anyway. Sure enough i got a hold of a jazz guitarist, and drummer/singer. These were trully seasoned musicians. Both around the age of 50. I'm only 28. Just a baby compared to them age wise and musicly. Fast forward to now. Ive got this great quartet. Added a sax player along the way. Hes about my age. I have learned so much about music. So not only has it been a band, ive been basicly calling it school. The guitarist has been a tremendos help with teaching me chord structures, helping me improve my walk, just everything. Sax player also knows his stuff and has been a big help. We started out just playing standards, now in a about three sets we cover everything from bebop,modal, fusion, jazz blues, ballads, bossas, blues, and some rock i guess (oh darlin' and europa, not jazz but still good) Oh and i cant forget this. They want me to solo alot!!! Not like one song, but many in our catalog. I have to turn alot of then down. My soloing isnt really there yet. Ive been focusing on playing through rythem changes etc. Soloing will come. But its good to know they want me to do more of it. Very encouraging. Like i said i feel lucky. We have a myspace site, that gets kinda put to the side. Never really promote it when we gig. www.myspace.com/outofthebluesjazzquartet This is from when we first got together. So no sax. But hey red baron has a bass solo!!! I listen now to it, and i hear my mistakes and cringe. Were looking to get back in the studio soon. I just wanted to share this all with my fellow bass players:)
  2. peaveyuser

    peaveyuser Banned

    Oct 18, 2006
    That story cheered me up from thinking I had to be an really, really skilled bassist to get into a band (not saying your not good).
  3. I gotcha. You dont have to be the best bassist ever to be in a band. But you should learn a thing or two with each band your in. When i started playing at 15 i was in a punk band. Now punk isnt bad. But it was a start. Through out the years my taste changed. I was in rock bands, jam bands, and now im in a jazz band. So to you id say go out and get/start a band. My confience in my self has always been a problem. Dont let it be the same for you!
  4. Jeb


    Jul 22, 2001
    Man, 28 and in a jazz band with 50 somethings. What could be better than that? You talk about the seasoned musicians that you took a chance with? C'mon man, I went to the myspace and you definitely know your way around the bass a little bit maybe? Nice job! What a great post, made my day.
  5. mrokern

    mrokern TB's resident Rush freak

    Jul 20, 2007
    Minneapolis, MN
    Don't be too hard on yourself! That's nice playing on the myspace page!

    When I auditioned for bands, I was up front about my background (lots of traditional theory and playing experience, but NOT on bass), and I still managed to get into two groups that have been excellent experiences. One is a blues jam, the other is straight-forward rock. Both keep me very motivated to improve, and I believe that I am holding my own in both groups.

    We are always harder on ourselves than anyone else could possibly be. You have a great chance to learn and contribute at the same time, and it looks like you are loving every minute of it! Congrats!:hyper:

  6. Nice job, not a big jazz fan, but this is pretty cool.I like Red Baron. :D
  7. Thats why I wanted to share this with you. Alot of posts here talk about disatisfaction with their band. I'd like to share a positive story.
    Yeah I'm guilty of that like I said. I didn't have the confidence in myself to feel I could play something as complecated as jazz. And my dad always told me no matter how good you think you are. There is always someone better. So maybe my extreme humbleness got in the way of me wanting to achive something greater.
    When the guitar player first came over. He just blew me away. Amazing chops. And his solos were so nice and clean. He said what he wanted to say with that guitar. I thought, well he won't be coming over again. Next week he was there! Yes this is truly a good chance to learn and contribute at the same time. It may be a band. But i call it school. We started off just playing standards. Then i said hey theres this great tune called Red Baron, then Black market, hey i like the chicken, lets try bright sized life. Hahaha gotta get as much jaco in there as possible:)

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