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I'm with bass!

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by mikkejohansson, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. After trying out various basses around my hometown and a few further away, I vantured on a five-hour drive yestaerday to see what I was hoping to be "the" bass!

    The seller was a violin teacher selling instruments on the side, very friendly and informative. He'd been telling about a couple of different basses he had coming in and I was looking forward to checking them out.

    Got to the shop and he showed me first a 19th century 3/4, rather nice condition but not much of a sound unfortunately. Also the fingerboard felt a little "dry" (can't find better word) and not very comfortable. He also told me about a Wilfer he had coming in in a while but said he and his luthier (more of a bass specialist) didn't really feel it was "top notch".

    Then he showed the bass we'd been talking the most about and the one I had most hope in. It's an early 20th century (1910-15) german bass. He had thought it was a 7/8, but it's more likely a "large" 3/4. Not huge, not tiny. Very dark brown finish (not glossy at all :) ), all carved, flat back. He told me the story; he'd bought it from an orchestra that was selling of their instruments after closing down. It'd been in a terrible state at first glance, nearly all seams breaking.- But at closer lokk he saw that the wood was actually in near "perfect" condition, Virtually no cracks, just one that had been repaired at least 50 years ago. He had taken it to his lutier who'd been a working for a month, almost nonstop, re-gluing and setting it up. They were both very happy with the results.

    As was I - the sound!!!! Very full and rich tone (although the brand new spirocores felt a bit...well; "new"), even the E-string sounded very defined and "fat". The action was set a wee bit high (adjusted for arco/pizz compromise?) but there shouldn't be a problem fixing it. The bridge and soundpost were new but eberything else was "original". The fingerboard was apparently ebonized pearwood according to the luthier and had been replaned and "treated". Felt very nice and smooth.

    I had already gotten a price quote on it, but as he was telling me about the repairs I started to fear the price would skyrocket! He started; "-Well, I should be able to get about 5K$ (equivalent) for it from a good customer but since i told you a price earlier I'll sell it for that (the price was about 3.300$), and I'll throw in a good gigbag for it.

    Having checked out the prices on basses around here I thought it was a nice price for such a good condition bass, so I spent a couple of hours in his shop playing it and pretty much decided to get it "on the spot". Maybe a bit foolish but he said if a had any regrets he could take it back. Probably not too hard to sell it to someone else in that condition!

    Having played it another couple of hours (or more)t oday I'm still happy and I have a big grin on my face! The souns is amazing, and it's quite loud... Haven´t tried with a pickup yet but so far it's great!

    In the future I might consider getting an adjustable bridge since the climate in northern sweden isn't the perfect place as far as humidiity and such goes...but for now - I'm a happy camper!

    ...just wanted to share. :)
  2. Feda

    Feda Screwed up pitch

    Jan 12, 2004
    Bergen, Norway
    Damn you are lucky! Sounds like a awesome bass, you should post some pictures.-
    Here in Norway i have to pay that for a new Strunal :(
    You lucky bastard!
  3. Where in Norway do you live? Maybe you should look into buying a bass in Sweden? Norska Kronan is very strong to the swedish...you should get a nice bass. The price for my bas sin Svenska Kronor was 25.000:- (for me, he would have asked 40.000:- if hehadn't promised me already). The dollar is low to the swedish so it might be easier for you to see the price in swedish money?

    for anything between 20.000:- and 40.000:- (SEK) you could get a good carved, older bass. P.M. me and I'll give you some tips!