Imac 17" 1.83 core duo Intel w Komplete+Logic

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  1. JonathanD


    Dec 13, 2006
    Atlanta, GA
    (ONLY TRADE Would be for a MAC laptop...Other trade offers will be ignored.)
    Hello all, I am selling a great recording set up.

    I have a well maintained Imac dual Core Intel 1.83 Processor 2 GB ram, 160 GB HD. Includes Logic 8 and Komplete 5. I can also ad in a Presonus firepod so that you can record 8 ins at one time. Smoke free. Easily handles high track counts and large Virtual instruments at a buffer setting of 64. I have recorded 7.5 hour sessions on this with no hichups, 8 ins, running space designer on vocals, 8 compressors, some bass amp plug ins, and a a synth or 2 being played via MIDI. Just under 2 years old.

    All parts are in great condition. Selling because I need a laptop and do not need 2 computers.

    Comes with Keyboard, Mouse, all installed programs.

    This computer has never given me any issues. It is currently running 10.4.11(Not 100% about the .11 part)

    Asking $750 shipped for the computer and software.
    $300 shipped for the firepod.
    $1000 for the package shipped.

    If this does not sell I wont be hurt. NO TRADES