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    Jun 30, 2001
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    ok i want to get an dimarzio ultra jazz 5 for my gsr205( i know it is nto tworht the upgrade but it is my first bass and im gonna have it forever so i want it to be better) it will fit.- should i go and get both neck and bridge pickups or do i have to? and how would you switch bridge pickup to a neck pick up or is it on a amp with a passive and active input. is anyone lost yet? ok are these jazz ultra 5 are good for an all around sound i know their passive put could they be used for speed palying and distortion? i like these because they can put out some volume becasue i cant to welll with the sound i like. i want a pickup that can be all around, passive bassy then kinda brite for speed and distortion are these the pickups for me?(listen to that last line sounds like a line out of a soup oprah or a cheesy dating show:rolleyes: or is it just me)
    did every body get that?