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  1. What exacly is it? What are the advantages of higher and lower ohms? Which has more volume?
  2. cliff_em_all


    Jan 22, 2001
    It will take me awhile to try and explain it. So, go here:
    It's Bass Player Magazines site. They post articles from past isuues on there. Go to the link called "GEAR". Scroll down and there will be a link to go to an article explaining impedence
  3. I believe... not that I'm right... that the lower impedence you have.. the more current you have.. The more resistance you have, the less current.. it probably goes to heat. I think this because V=I*R (voltage=current x resistance). So more current means you could have more wattage.. and more wattage makes you have more amplification. Correct me if I'm wrong. Later.
  4. Thanks, Cliff. That helped a lot. I should have thought to look there.
  5. my help was not needed :(
  6. Nope.