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  1. I have recently purchased a used Yorkville xc410. It is very well constructed and painted with epoxy paint from the factory. It has 4 x 150 watt 8 ohm stamped frame 10" speakers (with voice coil vents in the back of the magnet assembly), it has a bullet style tweeter with a crossover and attenuator (also has a light bulb as a fuse).

    Here are my questions:

    1. It looks like two speakers are wired in series (making them 16 ohms) then both sets are wited in parralel making the cab 8 ohms. Is there any way I can wire this cab into 4 ohms (I don't think so but wanted to ask)?

    2. There is no insulation in the cabinet!, I have never seen this, is it common not to have any insulation. If I install insulation it would have to be through the handle cut out holes our through the speaker cut out holes in the baffle board (i"d have to remove a speaker). Would insulation make it sound better? Do I use fiberglass pink? (what R value?) How do I secure it (staple gun?)
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    1 Not possible.

    2. Insulation may improve the sound. Your best bet is a Wal-Mart foam mattress topper, which is cheap and is not nasty like Fiberglas. Use 3M #77 spray adhesive. You can cover all interior surfaces, but leave the port completely clear.
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    1) You could rewire for 2 ohm operation. 4 ohm would require new speakers.
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