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Importing a Fender from USA>Aus?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Renny Gade, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Renny Gade

    Renny Gade

    Nov 1, 2006
    Is this possible? I've been looking around Australian stores for the right Pbass, but basses are seriously expensive here, $1600AUD($1350USD) for a HWY1 Pbass!

    Looking around at www.basscentral.com, a Florida based store, I can find much better priced Fenders in comparison to buying locally, seeing as how lately the Aussie dollar is going good. My question is that, does Fender allow you to import? I have no idea how importing works but I hear that with EBMM's you cannot import them from overseas if there is a distributor in your nation, so I assume Fender must have some deal like this also.

  2. Email Bass Central and they'll answer your questions.

    I GAVE a Fender USA 5 string Jazz with an East active EQ fitted, and SIMS LED's installed (front & side) to a friend in Perth, Australia, years ago, and he had to fork out a big chunk of cash for import duty and GST even though it never cost him a penny for the instrument - so it would be an idea to view the Aussie government's website regarding import tax and duty also!!!

    As for importing Fenders - could be a problem, as Fender tend to protect their dealership network continent by continent. That's why folk like Musicians Friend can't export Fender goods outside the USA

    I have bought a Lakland USA Deluxe 5 string from Beaver Felton at Bass Central, and he had Ampeg make me a B-15 combo re-issue in UK voltage spec - a genuinely wonderful guy to deal with!
  3. Renny Gade

    Renny Gade

    Nov 1, 2006
    Yeah I'll send em an email. BTW, regarding Ampeg, if I were to order one from the US would it have to be a 240v version or do the amps have a detecter/switch that changes from 110/240?
  4. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Importing a full size bass in case from the US will cost $US250-300 via Fedex or UPS (Fedex have much better service in Oz). GST will be charged on the total of the bass + shipping at 10%. As it's US made (made sure you have proof of this) there'll be no 5% duty. There's a $A60 Customs listing fee (but no other brokerage fees) and sometimes you'll get hit with a Quarantine fee of about the same. Don't pay for the Express as Customs will hold it up anyway.

    A better option is to find one secondhand from a reputable person, eg TB classifieds and have it shipped without case, neck off for roughly $US100 via USPS air. If it's inder $A1k total declared there's no tax or other fees. Shipped in two boxes via USPS Global Express adds about $US20, but should bring each item in under the threshold, so no tax. Legally. Very reliable, faster than Fedex and GE has tracking numbers.

    I've used both methods over 20 times in total and option #2 is better for a BO bass.

    I've posted in more detail about this in the past, so do a search for more info or ask for clarification.

    PS: Not all amps have universal mains transformers. Some are switchable, some suppliers ony sell fixed 120V versons in the US. You need to ask the store or the manufacturer.
    Some manufacturers also won't allow US stores to export to protect local distributors. Another reason why secondhand can be best.

    Final alternative is a CIJ Fender from www.Ishibashi.co.jp
    They ship via EMS which has tracking and is 3-7 days to Sydney metro. Never been charged duty on an EMS shipment even if it's over $A1k.
    Search on Ishibashi for more info.
  5. The Ampeg would need to be ordered witha 240v transformer in the unit - it's not switchable (that's what I had to do for my B-15)
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