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Importing US basses to the UK

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bubba Love, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Oh wise Talkbass forumites, I come to you for knowledge and advice!

    I'm looking at a few possibilities for importing basses from US websites to the UK, like Bass Central. However, I'd like to know how much import tax one would expect to pay on a bass coming into the UK (a TB search came back with a few answers). I know I'd also have to pay shipping and VAT.

    As I understand it, your final amount is worked out like this:

    ((Value of bass x import duty) + shipping) + VAT @17.5% = Price paid

    As you can see, the only factor I'm missing is what the import duty is. UK TBers, how much was your US bass worth, how much did it cost in the end, and how much of that went on import duties?

  2. From memory import duty is 3.5%

    However, they apply this to the value of the bass plus shipping - I assume the rarional is that you are 'importing' the shipping service too!!!!!:meh:

    Then, to maximise the VAT ,they add thatadd the end!!!

    All in all, I seem to remember working it out as Bass+Shipping plus about 21%:bawl:
  3. Thanks Johnny. In the end, I'm not sure the import duties applying to the shipping is really going to make that much of a difference for me, it's the sales tax that's going to kick my ass. It turns a bass worth $500 (£280) into a bass worth $1020 (£574). I'm not totally sure that's worth it. I'd only be saving a few hundred quid, so I've got to decide whether or not that's worth the risk of something going wrong in transit. Thanks for your help though!

  4. Yeah - the shipping for me was $80....so an extra 21% of $80 when you consider the value of the bass.......

    Of course, it depends on the risk you're willing to take, and whether the seller is happy to significantly de-value the declared value of the bass.......the less it's worth, the less you pay.....but also the less you get back if it all goes pear shaped.....

    I'm aware of someone in Europe who managed to get a Sadowsky bass shipped with a value of about $600......could have cost him dearly if it had all went wrong....then again....nice bonues when it all went right!;)

    The big value just now is the £ against the $.......the 21% just east inot your saving!:bassist:
  5. Well, it wouldn't be so much of a risk for me because I'm thinking of buying used, so there'd be no warranty there anyway. The biggest risk would be if the seller devalued the bass, and then the customs guy was the biggest bass enthusiast on the planet. Yikes!