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  1. Well, my mind, anyway - -

    If you had to choose between these two systems, which would you?

    1) Ampeg SVT 3Pro and a 610HLF


    2) SVT 450 and a 410HLF

    Applications: 4 & 5 string bassses for originals, oldies/R&B, some more modern stuff (rock). Largest venue would be outdoor festival, probably w/PA support; indoors, club-type room, maybe as large as a theater or gymnasium.

  2. Depends on the vintage of the 410. The older ones were way scooped even if they have great low end extension. Also Im not a fan of the 450. Between those two pairings, I would go with the 3 Pro and 610.
  3. musicman666


    Sep 11, 2011
    I played an svt 3 pro and 610 hlf for years. Those two pair very well together. Also not a big fan of the 450 or 410hlf.
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