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In a booking rut

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Bjazzman, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Bjazzman


    Dec 7, 2004
    Madison WI
    i've contacted several venues and tried to reach out to other bands to do shows with and it seems like we're being avoided. probably either they don't like our music or they just don't care about us.

    we've played a bunch of shows but the only ones where we play in front of a big audience are ones where we have a bigger named act to open for. we just can't seem to find our audience in this town

    i know we need to bug the venues more and more but at this point i think it might be best to keep recording and try to get some songs on the radio so people will listen

    anyone have any suggestions? we don't play pop so i'm not expecting big audiences, just some kind of reaction to what we're doing
  2. You gotta network and build a brand. Facebook, myspace, mailing list, website.

    You gotta get merchandise, and you gotta give away some of it for free (i.e. loyal friends & fans get free shirts and wear them to your gig, then other people see that and it's cool and ok to buy the shirt).

    If you've been trying to sell a CD for 18+ months, it might be time to change gears and give it away for free to as many people as possible. Prioritize the Brand over the immediate profits.

    If you live near a college, you need to call the radio station and get on the air. A simple way is to provide them with stuff to give away (a couple CDs, a couple shirts, a couple tickets). They'll know what to do with it, and you can do an interview and get your recordings played.

    If you get on the radio, you have to do a good interview. But if you suck, try to suck on college radio first. :)

    You can get postcards printed - 1000s - with your logo, website, and a spot to write in Sharpee for your next gig. Then get the band members, take acoustic instruments, sit in the park, and play your songs. If you don't hand out 150+ postcards, you're not done for the day.

    Get a sweet banner made to put up on stage when you play. It's cheesy, but to the average audience member, "band + banner" sounds better than "band with no visual". Plus, a banner constantly reminds them of your band name, and the Name of the Game is Building a Brand.

    Rent a limo for your next gig. Set up all the equipment and sneak out. Get in the limo, get dropped off out front, make a big scene out of it. Draw as much attention as you can. Then go in the front doors, jump on stage, and rock out. (I haven't done this yet but I'm dying to try it. I almost bought a limo when I needed a new car a few months ago.)

    When all else fails, smoke machine. ;)

    Do you have videos of your live performances?
  3. Yea, let's see some vids.

    Jason P Bass has some awesome ideas! /subscribed

    You said you've played for some bigger name acts... use that when you're talking to other bands/venues

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