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  1. I will be ordering IEMs soon for playing bass and guitar in a (loud) worship band. We get a discount with 64Audio and I have been looking at the AT4s. One of the primary reasons I want custom IEMs is to block out as much stage noise as possible, but I just noticed that the Apex system (pressure relief) in (I think all) the 64Audio IEMs limits sound reduction to only -20db, while some other brands are > -26db. I read all about Apex, but none of the literature addresses the concern of having less sound reduction for stage performers. To me is seems like a huge effort and expense to purchase custom IEMs with a perfect seal, only to have Apex introduce a leak. Wondering if anyone uses 64Audio and can help me understand this. This is a big investment for me and I only get one shot at it.
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    There's no leak. The ADEL/APEX system allows the pressure to equalize between your eardrum and the outside.. reducing ear fatigue one gets with "closed" IEM systems.
    Yes, if one keeps the IEM volumes REAL LOW, they CAN act like ambient ports. When we're not playing (for example), I've got so used to mine (A8's - been using for ~5 yrs) that I don't need to pull one out to hear stage talk.

    When the IEM's are "working" (band playing) there no noticeable loss of "isolation" or incoming stage volume. I can assure you. :thumbsup:
    Keeping my IEM volume low allows me to get away with NOT putting a cymbal/tom mix in my ears as I don't need them to do my job, and can "hear" them from the acoustic kit. With a church drum cage.. that might differ for you!

    I've been using 64Audio buds for close to 10 yrs ...Qi's before the A8's (no ADEL/APEX).
    I would highly recommend the A4T's.

    Disclosure: I have no relationship with them other than once being in a 64-Audio "artist" [6 yrs ago] and a satisfied customer!
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  3. Thanks -- this is super helpful. I also just got this message from my church's audio director:
    Yes, everyone who are using 64’s love them. The apex feature won’t hinder the sound, but will help with fatigue.
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