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In ear vs floor monitors

Discussion in 'Ask Anthony Wellington [archive]' started by Green Lantern, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern

    Nov 3, 2011
    Hi Anthony,
    Just realized you have your own section here......very nice!

    With in ear monitors you have a more control of the mix as well as volume. The problem is you can feel more disconnected from the audience as you don't hear or feel the same feedback. You also don't hear the sound of your cabinets and have more of just a DI sound from the sound crew. What setup have you found works best for you.
  2. Ant Wellington

    Ant Wellington

    Jan 4, 2011
    Hey Green Latern,

    In a perfect world I'd be using in eat monitors. But I'm old school and I just can't use them properly. I always end up doing the one in/one out thing.

    I'm just using a wedge in front of me. I put my vocals and my bass in my wedge and then I can turn my rig down behind me.

    There's another thread here where someone asked about in ear monitors. You should check that one out. A couple if others have some interesting things to say.

  3. sonofabass


    Feb 10, 2006
    Endorsing Artist: Aguilar Amplification, Mike Lull,MXR,Gruv Gear, Mono
    Hey guys - if I can add my unsolicited 2 cents -

    I have a 300 pair of in ears that I HATE wear. They are molded to my ears and feel like their making their way into my brain..I'm like Anthony in that I really prefer a wedge. When the folks running the mix are on point in ears sound AMAZING. My experience has been that more often than not most sound guys aren't on point and I don't like having something so deep in my ears.
  4. Plucky The Bassist

    Plucky The Bassist ZOMG! I'm back from the dead! Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2010
    Houston, TX
    Unexpected loud noises that can arise at shows make me afraid of using in-ears. In a very controlled, low-volume environment they are great..but at a big show you kind of want to be part of the action which a wedge monitor lets you do. YMMV, but I kind of lean to the same side as Anthony on this one.
  5. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern

    Nov 3, 2011
    I have tennites because of in ears. I was playing by a drummer whose kit especially the cymbals were so loud. I had the volume of the in ears loud enough to allow me to hear the rest of the mix clearly. Ever since, there is a white type noise heard 24/7. It has gone down, but its still there as I type this