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In Honor Of The Winter Olympics Show Your Korean Made Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gjbassist, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Watching the opening ceremonies last night and hearing them talk about South Korea's high levels of technology and manufacturing got me thinking. My two favorite basses were made there! So lets see your MIK basses!
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  2. Bob_Ross

    Bob_Ross Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 29, 2012
    I forget what year my Skyline 55-02D was made, but it was either from the final or the penultimate year that they were made in Korea, before they started making them in Indonesia:

    And my 2008 Schecter Stiletto Studio 8 is Korean:
  3. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
    I thought the title was going to read "Show your Olympic White basses."
    So here's a bonus: Korean made and Oly White:


    1984 Cort Short Scale Jazz.

    I've owned a few other MIK instruments that were decent. Don't have them any more though. I liked the Ibanez SR700. But my Indo SR1205e is much nicer. (As one would expect, due to the price difference, I suppose.)
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  4. Aberdumbie


    Jan 22, 2016
    South Carolina
    I am not 100% certain this is Korean. I always suspected it was. My first bass purchased in Germany in the mid 1970’s by the renown boutique bass builder Johnny Pro II.... 1C08F007-699D-4214-8923-31235E42CC88.jpeg
  5. Theres a few pics of this one around here already, a Squier Pro-Tone PJ. I have also added a Korean L2K Tribute but it is currently taken apart for repairs and the single coil mod. 20170816_115300.jpg
  6. I already posted this pic in the SBMM thread, but here are the two Korean basses I own - a Ray 34 in Neptune Blue and a Ray 35 in Amber.

    Ray 34 and Ray35.JPG
  7. My Cort Curbow was built in Korea as was my Traben Neo. Tune TWB-4Z is a Korean model and the Peavey Fury II.
    Curbow 1.jpg Traben.jpg Tune.jpg Fury II (2).JPG
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  8. Tvrtko


    Dec 27, 2002
    South of the USA
    There are a few others. But, this one is fun
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  9. That is nice! What is it?
  10. Tvrtko


    Dec 27, 2002
    South of the USA
    Tune TWB53 Flamed maple top mahogany body
  11. Tvrtko


    Dec 27, 2002
    South of the USA
    I've got this one, too. But, I don't use it much. Brice bubinga
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  12. jdlwareagle


    Nov 13, 2005
    Mobile , AL
    Lakland 55-02.JPG My smooth playing 55-02 Deluxe .
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    MYLOWFREQ Supporting Member

    May 13, 2011
    I believe the steinberger spirit xt25 I had was Korean. Sold it for the too tight string spacing for me which obviously is nothing ot do with quality. otherwise it was a great instrument.
  14. My Avatar.
  15. Bourbongangster


    Nov 5, 2015
    Heres my heavily-modified Squier Pro Tone. One of the tuners crapped out on my on Christmas Eve and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet. The second pic shows where it used to say "Crafted in Korea" IMG_20180211_241535198.jpg IMG_20180211_241428164.jpg
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  16. hensonbass

    hensonbass Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    Love my Moollon B524


    Attached Files:

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  17. Bourbongangster


    Nov 5, 2015
    That's what mine looked like about 20 years ago! Except it looks like you upgraded the tuners. All stock otherwise?
  18. Tuners are Gotoh, I was under the impression they were original but I'm not 100% sure. I added a push / pull pot for series / parallel switching of the neck pickup and copper shielded the cavities. Stock besides that though.
  19. mesaplayer83


    Jun 27, 2017

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  20. Bourbongangster


    Nov 5, 2015
    Nice. I made mine series only so I wouldn't have to mod the gold pickguard I got to replace the original. The tuners are definitely after-market, but I'm sure they are better than the original.
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