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In love all over again!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BaileyMan, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. BaileyMan

    BaileyMan Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2012
    San Francisco
    I just took my modded 1996 Carvin LB75 off the wall again. I bought it used in probably ’97 or so, put Bartolini pickups and pre-amp in it some number of years later (I don't remember the model), I opted for push/pull active/passive volume knob, push/pull mid frequency selector, stacked bass/treble, and blend. I never played with the mid frequency in the "pulled" position, and essentially never played in passive mode. I was always disappointed that the passive mode bypassed the tone controls and also cut the output a tad (although not sure why I was surprised). I've been playing a P-Bass almost exclusively the past year or so, but have busted out the Carvin from time to time. Today I got it down and was loving the variety of tones I could get out of that bass! I pulled that mid knob out and gave it a little boost, boosted the lows just a tad, and it sounded great! The mid punch was great! Boost/cutting the highs, went a long way in getting some really nice bright, tight tones and some mellow vintage tones. Tweaking the pickup selector only enhanced this. Man, it was a like a whole bass all of a sudden!

    Then, I pulled that volume knob into passive mode, and turned up the gain on my amp, and it was such a soft (not quiet), sweet, mellow, round, full tone. Nothing aggressive about it, nothing modern about it, just good old passive J-pickup sounds. It helped that the strings are kinda old. Probably Nickel wound DR Low Riders. The bridge pickup bringing in the more thumpy P-tone and the neck pick up, a brighter, more present tone. Reminded me of Chas Chandler's tone on The Animals' version of Smokestack Lightnin'. It was like deja vu all over again. In the passive mode, it was like another whole new bass that also sounds fantastic!

    Imagine that...falling in love all over again twice in one evening!

    I've been wanting to do something with the 3-holes left from when I removed the stock pre-amp. But in over 15 years, I haven't figured it out yet...

    BTW, I was playing through an Eden WTX264 and 1x12 cab. That certainly didn't hurt the tone at all.


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