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In Need of A Replacement

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Angel Switch, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. As the title says, I need to replace my Ampeg BA108. I play in a four piece hardcore band, and it keeps up in our (very) small venues, but I need something larger and more powerful. I was looking at the Ampeg BA115 and BA115HP, but I've heard their build qualities can be really iffy, which I would like to avoid, because, well, who wouldn't? I've read the Orange Amps (CR100BXT) are similar and really high quality. Is this true? If I like the Ampeg tone (but don't need it to be identical, just similar), what would you recommend?
  2. four piece hardcore band, now, do you mean like bring me the horizon hardcore, or redemption 87 hardcore?

    Either way, I'd recommend looking up your local craigslist/kijiji and trying to find a good 410 or 115 and a 200+ watt head for as cheap as possible - the versatility that a good head/cab combo would have will suit you well for years to come, as opposed to just getting "the next thing up". Plus, most good 410s will come with wheels, helping with transportation.
  3. hardcore like bring me the horizon, of mice and men, a day to remember. so, to some purists, "hardcore" rather than hardcore, but you get the idea XD

    Any recommendations on what sort of brands or models to look out for?
  4. you could probably get a peavey for a pretty fair price pretty easily, think around 500 or so, and with all the peavey's I've known, they've been known for not falling apart - it's just darn good gear really. As far as brands go, I'd recommend a peavey. With that said though, you'd be getting some well-loved equipment, this is one big advantage with buying used gear - it's already been well-loved, so if it's still standing when you get it, chances are it'll still be around for years to come. The thing is, I don't like recommending much in terms of gear brands quite so much as recommending that you play it first, whatever it is, and figure out if it works and how well it works (eg. how loud it goes) before buying anything.

    You don't seem to have quite so much experience with bass for me to say "if you like it, then buy it", because you probably haven't tuned your ears and gotten a good tone in your head first. That's just going to come with experience, so for right now, just try to save up some money, keep looking on craigslist/kijiji, and check out anything and everything that comes up, and practice and mess around with the EQ and have fun with it.