In need of input/opinions: Ashdown/Ibanez

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  1. Hi folks,

    My Ibanez Promethean 1x10" P3110 combo doesn't cut it live. Was playing with a guitar player with a Vox AC30 at his place and had to push it all the way and I was lacking just a bit of bottom. However it is portable, so I'll definitely keep it for home/practice usage.

    But I found it to be time to build my first 'live' rig. Live between quotation marks, because it doesn't have to be stadiumsize, but more like small/medium bar and outdoor gigs, mostly with good PA support.

    I stumbled across a second-hand stack: Ashdown ABM 500 EVOIII + Korg DTR2000 tuner, running both an Ashdown ABM 2x10" and 1x15" for (only?!) around €850.

    Because I know that mixing cabs isn't a great idea, and because I'm feeling that I won't need two cabs, I might sell the 1x15" IF I buy it.

    Would the ABM 500 EVO III into the 2x10" w/tweeter give me the power I need for the type of gigs above listed? I try to play all types of style, but current band plays Classic Rock. Only 1 guitar player. My basses are a P-bass with flats and a Jazz with roto's.

    My tonal preferences are BIG yet defined. I love a low-mid bump, but balanced overall (in case I need to switch from P-bass/flats to Jazz bass/round/pick from one song to another, I figured that the EQ in/out might come in handy here: Flat with the P, treble/hi mid boost with the J). I REALLY REALLY hate scooped mids! Also, I want to be heard first, then felt (but a nice combination is ofcourse perfect). I'm not scared of a SMALL edge of overdrive either.

    Thoughts, please. I need them. :)
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    Even your Promethian should have enough power to keep up with an AC30 without breathing hard. You just need more speaker area. Are you in a position to borrow an 8 Ohm extension cabinet from someone, just to see how that works for you? Say, a 2x10?
  3. Nop. I can try one out in a store though. Would an extension give me my lows back?
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    It will help, for sure. However IMO the very best compromise option would be to forget the 10 in the combo, use the combo just as a head, and get a biggish speaker cab/stack.

    While the "mixing speaker sizes" thing is much criticized here, it is not nearly as much of an issue when combining a 115 with a 210 (both 8 ohms), because their speaker surface area and power handling will be reasonably similar. The setup that "we" tell people to avoid most is a 115 and a 410, because their abilities are so different.

    If it was me, I'd at least try out that Ashdown stack.
  5. I second the extension 2x10 approach. A single 1x10 is just for practice or quiet music. Adding a 2x10 will give you more low end and overall cut-through volume AND, if you stack it vertically, it will lower your footprint on stage. That is very helpful when you find yourself on a small stage. It may be (in the future) that you upgrade to a 2x10 combo (giving you a 4x10 with extension cab) and then just use your 1x10 for personal use.
  6. Thanks for the input! I'll at least try the ashdown for sure.