In search of a new acoustic/semi acoustic bass

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  1. Hi All, long time viewer first time poster so forgive me if I'm breaking some forum rules or repeating previously asked questions but...

    My current band play Grunge covers, full on loud electric Nirvana/Silverchair/Soundgarden/Alice in Chains etc but recently we did what all great grunge bands of the time did and struck out into acoustic territory. We really enjoyed the gig, and will do more, but I need an acoustic bass to play.

    With Christmas coming up I have a picked out a few options and I'd appreciate any feedback.Currently I'm leaning towards the Ibanez as it seems easier to handle, although the Alien looks awesome.

    So, my current fancies are:
    Warwick Alien Standard
    Fender Kingman Bass SCE
    Ibanez AFB200-BS

    ANyone have any experience of these basses?

    Thanks, I really appreciate it, it's very tricky to nail down one area that has all three to sit and try out in person.
  2. JACink


    Mar 9, 2011
    I've been gassing for an accoustic for waaaay too long, unfortunately I haven't had much luck in trying out many (not easy around here!).

    I have heard far better things about the Alien than the Fender, however, I am attracted to the Jazz neck on the Fender (although this seems to be a negative point for many as it causes neck dive).

    From the many videos I have seen of these 3 basses, I personally prefer the sound of the Alien, but I cannot vouch for it's playability, only what I have read and heard.

    Sorry to not be of more use!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I think the Fender is out for me, it looks ok, but I have a full electric fender which I use as a practice/spare and I'm not that impressed with it.

    The Alien looks awesome, but a little on the large side, although I have also seen some really nice sounding videos on YouTube (although this of course is no judge at all!).

    The Ibanez seems to be winning at the moment,it just looks beautiful, and would seem to fit the more rock/grunge sound I'm after.
  4. 027-2-4.

    I'm saving up for one of these, an Ibanez AEB5E in Honey Sunburst. $200 new. The neck is fat, almost obese. I mean, it's big. But, I love it! I can't wait to buy one and put some D'Addario Tapewounds on it. With a set of nickel rounds, I think you'll be right in Krist Novoselic/Nirvana MTV Unplugged tone.