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    Mar 29, 2015
    I do not know why it took me this long to realize the obvious - do not buy anything from an online retailer unless it is "In Stock" no matter how short the estimated "in stock date" wait is alleged to be. This is especially true if you're using the 12/24/36/48 month financing from a retailer like Sweetwater, GC, MF, Sam Ash, and so on.

    Some "in stock" estimates are comically bad and fluctuate wildly for no apparent reason. And if you use the long-term zero interest financing, you start paying right away since you essentially owe their credit partner (for Sweetwater, it's Synchrony) who has paid them. Unbuying something under those circumstances is messy and undesirable. This is unlike buying a not-in-stock item with full payment, wherein you would not actually be charged until your item shipped, meaning you could easily cancel if the wait somehow suddenly became never ending.

    In my two cases, Sweetwater, though it's the manufacturer's problem at its core. As Scotty on (the original, and in my mind, only) Star Trek used to say "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." So, shame on me. The first time, I chalked it up as an anomaly. Now, well, I just feel dumb.

    So, my back story-- A couple of years ago I really wanted a Fender Super Bassman amp, but as $1750 list, I wanted to pay over time, interest-free. Sweetwater had a good finance deal going, 36 months no interest, so I applied and made the purchaseThey were out of stock, with a stated expected in-stock date about 2 weeks out. Alright, I can wait 2 weeks. Well, of course, two weeks go by, and the site shows a new expected stock day another two weeks out, and so on... ended up being four or five months of "next week". Apparently they hit some kind of production bottleneck becasue there was only one supplier for a necessary part and that company could not obtain the needed material to make it, and so on blah blah blah. In the end I got it and its a great amp, and hey, I had it paid it down quite a bit by the time I got it, so that's cool, right?

    Fast-forward to now-- well, let me correct that-- to July -- the Bassman has been paid off, and I ordered a small Peavey powered mixer, the XR-S, on the same Sweetwater card. It too was expected any day in stock. That date has now fluctuated, from "in a few days" to "a few weeks" to "soon," to my rep telling me last week that it would be in within the week, to now "this item requires extra delivery time from Peavey" on the product page, and my rep telling me today the new date is late November. LATE NOVEMBER for the mixer I ordered in July that was expected "in two weeks." and will have made 5 payments on, at the minimum, before it arrives.

    So, don't do it. If it aint in stock, do not use your card. And even for straight up purchase, abandon your old established trusted vendor, and just go to one of the other many online retailers, because usually, SOMEBODY has it in stock.

    Peavey XR-S 9-channel 1500W Powered Mixer with FX


    Fender Super Bassman Head - 300W Tube Bass Head - Black


    Let me EDIT to say, it's the manufacturer/supplier that's doing this crappy job of knowing when they will produce stock, and not Sweetwater, who can only go by what Peavey or Fender say. And, my Sweetwater rep is really good about giving me excellent deals. ANd it's no one's fault but mine tht I chose the credit option. So, I am not denigrating my chosen retailer or rep. You rock, Andrew.

    Thanks for letting me vent, Talkbass friends.
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    May 11, 2005
    My experience is that Sweetwater does not charge your CC until the unit is shipped..

    """When will my credit card be charged?
    Sweetwater does not charge you in advance for orders that are not in stock and ready to ship. In the event that your order must be split (i.e., one item is in stock and one is backordered) we only charge for the part that is shipped. Once the balance of your order is ready to ship we will apply charges for that.""""