Incredible bass playing on a cruise ship

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by tonedeaf, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. My wife and I just got back from a 4-night cruise. The ship had 5 or 6 different bands on it. I saw a three-piece with accordion, violin, and 5-string BTB, a 10-piece band with a Jazz bass, a calypso band with some kind of Jazz copy that I'd never seen before (can't remember the name now), a Beatles tribute band complete with violin basses (I was too far away to see if they were Hofners or not) and a three-piece where the piano player played killer walking bass lines on a keyboard with his left hand while playing melodies and solos on a piano with his right. Everybody used the ship's Hartke combo (even the keyboard was plugged into it), except the main theatre (Beatles & 10-piece) acts, which used a GK head & GK 4x10 cabinet.

    Maybe most working bassists are used to this, but I was blown away by the sheer professionalism of these bass players. They had their stuff down cold. The tone was incredible in every case, the musicianship & creativity was amazing, the technique was unbelievable, guys were singing & playing complex lines at the same time, everything I saw amazed me.

    This trip was sort of a bass-playing epiphany for me. My musical career has brought me into contact with mainly independent & local original bands. Not that there aren't some fine bass players in that arena, but these guys playing cover songs in a huge variety of styles, some reading sheet music, some not, in some cases inserting flashes of their own creative, unscripted brilliance in a supportive, non-flashy really showed me what practiced, professional musicianship is all about.
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    I understand what you mean. My freshman year, my show choir performed on a cruise ship, and i saw many bass players that blew me away. All the musicians were great players, i talked to a bassist from i think the Czech Republic-had some sort of Ibanez and a 5 string EUB playing in the main theater. I hope to go on another cruise sometime as it was an amazing time. I'm glad you enjoyed the cruise and had a great experience. The main thing i learned is: if you're a pale midwesterner NEVER EVER forget your sunscreen even just for a day. :) That's all
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    This is slightly off topic, but my cousin came back from her honeymoon several years ago telling us all about this band that couldn’t be any funnier. She said they were this mix of latin, reggae, and rap, but at the same time always silly. They had this one song that was like “Who let the dogs out”… A year later we started hearing this annoying song all over the place.

    Small world.
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    Some of the best musicians I have met, have done stints on cruise ships as it is steady money and pretty good fun - whereas trying to get enough Jazz gigs to make a living, can be virtually impossible in most European countries! :(
  6. That would be a dream job. I'd love to play on a cruise ship. I probably won't be good enough for a long time though.
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