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  1. I've heard for years that Incubus's first album was amazing, but due to their unbelievable suckiness I never bothered looking into it. I didn't believe that the same band that made all those terrible pop singles on MTV could possibly produce any good music. I'm used to hearing songs like "Stellar" and "Pardon Me" from these guys. The last thing I expected from them was the very thing I was about to hear.

    Recently, a friend of mine practically forced it on me. I cannot believe that it's the same band. I LOVE this album. It's similar to the Chili Peppers, but heavier. It's chock full of kickass bass playing, unique guitar work (imagine Claypool playing a guitar), and very impressive singing (the singer was only 16 when he recorded this).
    Plenty of slap stuff (all of which is very good), and lots of tastey grooves too. Some of it is very funky, some of it is plain old rock, all of it is very creative and generally kickass music.

    I guess the point of this thread is just to spread the word. To promote Incubus awareness. Beneath the crap you see on TV and the radio, there is a VERY talented band and I feel that everyone should know about this album and hear it at least once. It's too fu**ing good to go unnoticed and buried beneath the years of bad music they've produced since then.
  2. From what I've been reading, I'm probably the only person here who likes their new stuff ( :p ). I love the new album (though I don't care much for "Meglomaniac", the radio song), and I especially like Stellar.

    I love their older stuff just as much as the the new. It's all good music to me, just different styles.

    My $.02 anyways
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    Used to love em, now I can't stand em.

    The beauty of his voice has become trivialized by overkill on the radio. And constant ramming into my ear out of the mouths of college girls on estrogen overdrive after hearing him sing.

    I'm a fan of Fungus, and Science....just not anything afterwards. And Science isn't even great or anything.

    Pscyho Psylocibin, man.
  4. There's just plain too many bands to name that follow that trend.......such a shame. I also didn't mind their first effort - but since then i've put them in the same group as other radio-friendly bands like staind and nickelback. :scowl:

    A local band i LOVED (past-tense), Grinspoon (heard of 'em?) had a killer first album - Guide to better living - but since then it's hit and miss.
    I guess the old label exec's must drive musicians a bit in other directions?
  5. I guess so. I don't understand why a band could take such a drastic turn in their musical style. I've come to call this the Metallica Syndrome.
  6. i love all their stuff, i can't wait to hear the new cd when it comes out. then we can hear what ben kennedy can do on bass (he didn't write any of the stuff on ACLOTM)

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    the 4 movements of "The Odyseey" they did for the Halo 2 soundtrack is the pinnacle of Incubus. I never bought one of their albums but i really liked all their poppy singles that cxame out (other than megalomaniac) Talk shows on mute, wish you were here, stellar, pardon me, nice ot know you, drive....

    They were Kings in their genre no doubt!
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    If you haven't heard them, "Enjoy Incubus" and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. are great albums as well. Between those and "Make Yourself" they sound like a totally different band.
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    science is great, aclotm is too
  10. enjoy incubas is basicly fungus amongus just recorded in a better studio. i like fungus better

  11. Matt Till

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    Fungus is their best, Science is pretty good too. But it is quite unreal that they would just do a complete 360 like that.

    Funny story, at a used CD store, they put "popular" cds on display so that teeny boppers don't have to dig through the used CDs. So I take an Incubus CD (no... the first Incubus... Incubus was a death metal band from the 80/90s) and I stuck it in the pop section.

    Came to find out, my brother's friend bought the CD hoping to hear some pop crap and was greeted with the death metal fury of INCUBUS!!
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    That band are called Inucubbus Succubus I think?Btw all Incubus rules!!Science is fantastic.
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    Science was the first Incubus I heard. Still my favorite album of theirs, allthough I dont mind the two albums after that one, I prefer the earlier stuff as well. I have some cool acoustic stuff of theirs too thats pretty cool.
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    Wow! someone likes Fungus Amongus!
    I love this album; one of my all-time favourites. This was their best work, by far. Great bass playing and cool guitar. They did this style of music so damn well, wonder why they changed?
    "Pscyho Psylocibin, man"- amen brother, amen.
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    No, I'm not talking about those guys... I'm talking about These guys. Not too much info on them, so you have to use your imagination.
  16. can you say S.C.I.E.N.C.E! gets the nod as my fav
  17. I find that album a weak version of their later stuff :bag:
  18. I like all their stuff. Its good. Ben Kenney was a great addition to the band. And how was none of the bass playing on ACLOTM his? He was part of the band and they all wrote the songs together for the album.
  19. Yea, they kicked ass for one shining album. I hate the rest of their stuff, but this one album is in my top 5 all-time favorites. I don't get it, why would you voluntarily change from their original style to what they are today? Doesn't make sense to me. It's like voluntarily picking a piece of week-old bacon over a nice juicy piece of filet minon.
  20. That's your opinion anyways. I love all their stuff. Their newer stuff isn't better or worse to me, it's just different. :bassist: