Inexpensive AMP kit - suitable for bass?

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  1. Have seen no mention of this kit around here: Mod Kits DIY model 101 guitar amp:

    The base model is designed to use a pair of either 6L6gc or EL34 power tubes, but a variety of other power tubes can be incorporated, including KT88s.(see the FAQ) The output transformer is the Hammond 1650 and the controls are very basic - volume, bass and treble. Rated at 60 watts in the base configuration. Seems like it might be an option for someone looking for a super simple amp with power similar to a Bassman, B25b or Sunn 200s. They include a large library of instructions, drawings, troubleshooting guidelines, potential mods, etc.

    Not saying anything more than I found this online and it looks interesting. Has anyone ever heard of this company or read anything about their products?
  2. Interesting.

    The Hammond 1650 is capable of running 4 power tubes to 100-120 watts with a 278CX PT or very hi-fi at 60.

    Not sure why they opted to go with the potted OT?

    Great price. Seems to be close to the cost of buying all parts yourself.

  3. sorry, I should have been more precise; they use the Hammond 1650P output transformer; 60 watts with a pair of power tubes. (many suitable types, from 6L6 to KT88)
  4. Looks good for $599
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    I think I'd have a really hard time messing up that build given how specific the assembly instructions are. Plus it's cheaper than the 5F6A Weber head kit that comes with little more than a schematic. I may have to take the plunge on one of these.
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    I'd only seen the pedals until now, but Amplified Parts is a DBA shell of Antique Electronic Supply/, which is a pretty reputable outfit.
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  7. Wow, that is really neato. Wish I'd gotten one for Christmas! I love projects like this.