Inexperienced Sound Techs...

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  1. Script3d Mus3

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    Apr 2, 2012
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    The bane of my exsitence...:scowl:

    So at a gig this weekend, we were headlining a small local show at a well known venue. Sound tech(who was new and i didn't recognize) started puting in the mic's and I walked up and asked him if he wanted to run direct out of my head or if he wanted to mic my cab. got a blank stare. after explaining what i meant he went and hooked my head into the sound system and then proceeded to look for the direct out for my guitarist cab...

    What can one do with this level of head-up-assery?

    I just tried to be nice and help him set up his stuff as well as my stuff. Irritated me enough to mess with my head before the show.
  2. sloppy_phil


    Aug 21, 2011
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    yeah no kidding... that's not really your job! It's often enough of a hassle getting just the band set up, let alone making sure all the cables/mics/DIs are where they need to be. It's unfortunate, but everyone has to get their start some time, I suppose. Hopefully he'll learn, and if you are playing again at the venue, just try and make sure that he's not your tech!
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    Jan 7, 2011
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    This pretty much sums it up...

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  4. Script3d Mus3

    Script3d Mus3 Guest

    Apr 2, 2012
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Local Hero: MTD Kingston
    I seriously feel like this is what i would have had if i let him do it lol. :D

  5. kcole4001


    Oct 7, 2009
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    Now that's funny!
  6. colcifer

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Seriously... who uses a 421 on axis? :D
  7. jaywa


    May 5, 2008
    Iowa City, IA
    Yup... nothing worse than the sound tech who has no clue what he's doing but insists on doing it his way anyway. Like the guy who came up and insisted that the master volume on my head was affecting his DI level to the board but said I could change the preamp (gain) to taste (when of course the exact opposite was true).

    I had just gotten a super sweet sound dialed in too, and then he comes up and turns the gain down to almost nothing and the Master to 8. What a hiss-fest.

  8. MatticusMania

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess, we all just would like to hope its not with us!
    All you can do is hope to impart some knowledge on your newbish sound tech and hope he learns.
  9. Morkolo

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    Aug 11, 2003
    I remember my nightmare sound tech. I told him I played a mix fingerstyle, slapping and a bit of pick playing thrown in and I thought the guy knew what sound I was going for because he complimented me on how much he liked it a few shows before. Turned out he was just sucking up to get work because the sound of my bass that hit the house would make Bob Marley want to turn up the treble on it. Then he tried to tell me that the it would sound better when the club was filled.... oh my it was a long night to say the least. I don't miss those days when I think of it that way.
  10. Script3d Mus3

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    Apr 2, 2012
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Local Hero: MTD Kingston
    ok, no one touches my head would have exploded. I got mad when our recording engineer asked me to change it...then saw reason and stopped being anal retentive lol