Info about German luthier H. Holzke and Rufina bass made by him

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  1. I'm trying to find information about German luthier called H. Holzke and double bass that I own (see attached picture of a label for more information).

    Any information of H. Holzke and the bass is very welcome.

    I've been told that there's a long paragraph about Holzke in "German and Austrian Violin-makers" by Karel Jalovec. Appreciate if someone who has the book could scan or take a picture of that paragraph.

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    Interesting. The location is "Bremerhaven", which is on the North Sea a bit west of Hamburg. Not a center of violin making by any measure. He was likely trained in the south, but set up shop in this area to service local musicians. I doubt you will be able to find much information about him, as there were, and still are, thousands of small shops spread widely throughout Germany. I found this at
    HOLZKE, Hermann Worked circa. 1894-1914 Bremerhaven, from 1920 Lehe, Bremen Germany. Stradivari model. Branded: ‘H. Holzke‘. Printed label: H. Holzke, Bremerhaven / Gebaut 1909 aus altem Tonholz / vom Umbau d. alten Leher Kirche H. Holzke, Bremerhaven / Gebaut 1912 No.. H. Holzke, Lehe / Geigenbauer / No. 85 Gebaut 1920
    So he did make at least two violins of interest, one with with "old wood". Both a bit earlier than your bass.
    Hope this helps!
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