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  1. i'm at the website for EMG looking at the different pickups and preamps of which i'm gonna stick in my bass, the Ibanez SR405 5-string. The preamp is a 5 button style preamp: volume, balance (blend), bass, middle and treble. so for the preamp i'm gonna wanna get the EMG-BQS i think. I've found it only for $120 so i will probably wind up getting that, but i just wish there were more pictures to make sure i'm buying the right thing.
    i'm definitely not sure on pick ups though. i see the "extended bass series" pickups, are these the ones that fit 5 strings? i'm tryin to find out which is which, i like the "CS" description:
    The CS dual coil adds a steel bar positioned above the ceramic magnets. This combo gives full, broad response with added warmth, while retaining
    a crisp, defined high end.
    but i don't see if they have any that fit my guitar. maybe i should try a CS at the bridge and a DC at the rythym slot? my picks are about 1.5" X 4.0" (a little over 4.0")
    what do you guys think? i'm not sure about this stuff, so i thought i'd clear it up.
  2. btw, the style of music that i play is like melodic hardcore. like tool, but more flowing, more dancy. i play with pick, and finger and slap. i like the tone towards the middle with plenty of sound. i love TONE and lots of it, whether it be deep (for some songs) or pretty warm. overall i think everything i play is pretty warm, but i'd like to be able to sink pretty deep too, so that's why i was thinking about a DC in the rythym slot and a CS in the lead slot.
    what about bartolini pickups?
    this is an mp3 of my band, one of our older songs, but you can see the tone i'm GOING for and not quite hitting just yet.
  3. I'm not sure about sizes, but I recommend you don't mix and match pups from manufacturers. They sometimes have different outputs, so you may solo your neck pickup and be louder than soloing your bridge pup. Also, if mixed, because one is louder, the overall tone may display qualities towards the dominant pickup. A little careful sandpaper won't hurt your bass when you switch the pups, if it is needed. I'm not sure if Ibanez would go to the trouble of sizing their neck and bridge pickups differently to be honest, but if they have it's no biggie. There's always a guitar luthier around if you're that worried.
  4. the pickup sizes are the same, so they should fit ok. i've done some carpentry before, too, so fitting shouldn't be a problem. i think the EMG pickups are actually a bit smaller (like an 18th of an inch) than the ibanez pickups, so it should be fine.
    you make a good point about mixing and matching the DC and CS pickups. i'll probably just go with two CS's and just use a boss equaliser or something to drop my tone if i decide to go deeper.
    what about bartolini? is there something i could gain by going with bartolini for both pups or would the tone i'm looking for be overall best found in the EMGs?
  5. My only beef with Bartolini is $$$.

    Fantastic electronics no doubt, but they have a waiting list and are definitely coloured. You can get them deep, bright or brightest, and they will all sound good(IMO), but EMG's motto is to try and get as uncoloured a tone as possible.

    Put your bass next to your ear. Pluck the strings: is this the tone you want? EMG will give you this tone to EQ with. Bartolini will modify it slightly, depending on which pickups you order.

    It all comes to personal choice, but if you go with all EMG, all Bart, or mix and match both, you'll end up with a sweet, versatile bass. I can almost gaurantee that your tone is in there somewhere, combined with amp settings of course.
  6. right on. i think i'm gonna go for the EMG in the bridge/lead slot and throw a bartolini bright (not brightest) in the rythym/neck slot, with an EMG preamp. that sounds like it should work for me, and give me a very wide, versatile tone.
  7. Luis Fabara

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    Aug 13, 2000
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    Bartolini´s are Passive and use 250/500k pots, while the EMG´s are active and use 25k buffered pots.

    I dont think you will be able to use them combined unless you do a lot of modifications to the electronics. Specially if you get the EMG electronics wich are designed to work only with active EMG pickups (or similar active)
  8. Luis is right. Mixing and matching any pickups is a bad idea. It's either all Bart pups or all EMG pups.

    I've seen EMG pre's used with other active pickups. My ideal choice on this project would be EMG pups and a Bart EQ, but this is probably out of the question $$$ wise. If you get an EMG pre, make sure you talk to EMG about compatible pickups.
  9. how much more is a bartolini preamp over an EMG? if it's a much stronger, thorough sound (and can do as much/more than the EMG) and it's not like a thousand bucks then it's nto a problem. the emg preamp is like $140 at guitar center, $200 or $250 would be fine for the preamp if it's of serious quality.
  10. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    You could get the PRE for about the same as the EMG. You have to contact them directly to get it.
    Or I think they sell it.

    In my experience with Bartolini preamps, I can say they are really noiseless (specially the 18 Volt Model) and sound very good.
    What I dont like in the NTMB183G (18 volt model) is that the bands overlap to avoid honky midrange variance. It does give you better midrange control, but it takes a little on the bass and treble, either boosting or cutting.
  11. OK, an SR405 has Vol - Blend - Treble - Mid - Bass knobs. So, if you want to keep this existing control configuration, you are looking at a Bartolini HR5.2 or HR5.4. Both are Vol, Blend, Treb, Mid, Bass.

    The 5.2 has a sweepable mid(push-pull mid knob). It's in the Bart catalog for $175.

    The 5.4 has a mini-toggle switch for mid selection. Retails at $190. Requires drilling holes.

    An alternative is the HR4.6. This has a stacked Bass/Treble knob, and push/pull mid knob. This is only available with the p/p knob; no toggle switches here. Retails @ $186. However, if there are five holes in your bass for the knobs, then you'll have a gap there if you get the 4.6, and you'll need to buy a stacked pot for the Bass/Treble. With the 5.x, you get all you need.

    I don't know if you get the required push/pull pots thrown in. If you don't, Bartolini offer an extension to their packages: an Active/Passive push/pull volume pot. You could wire this as your push/pull sweepable mid pot if you want. That package is $186. You could probably wire a stacked pot as mid vol and mid freq. too though, like an Ibanez BTB.
  12. ok i think i'll order the preamp on monday from bartolini, do you guys know where i could order the CS series pickups from EMG? guitar center only seems to carry the 405Ps, i can stop by on wednesday and ask for a "EMG-40CS" but is there any other place? i know that emg doesn't sell pick ups directly.
  13. oh yeah, will the bartolini pots be 25k like the emg active pickups require (desire?)? i know they've gotta custom build everything, just wasn't sure on that. or will it be 250k and acceptable for the EMGs?
  14. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    The 250K or 500K pots wont work with the EMG´s.
    Also, you wont have the option to run them Active/Passive.

    To me, your best choice would be to get a set of Bartolini M45 Pickups in Split or Dual Coil Configuration (The split will be enough for your bass) in the "Bright" voicing
    the CX magnet structures rensemble a good broad range pickup similar to Lane poors and sound very good.
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    Wrong forum. Should be in Pickups. So.....................;)
  16. ah man i'm getting such differing opinions on everything! does anyone agree on one thing in particular that i can START with? is everyone in agreement on a bartolini preamp? i'll talk to that T.J. wagner guy tomorrow and see what he says about pots and pick ups.
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    Sep 6, 2001
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    My experience with ORDERING emg's is that no matter what the store tells you, it's gonna be wrong because emg told me that the pickups i ordered were in stock and then 3 weeks later Bassnw called to get the tracking number and they finally fessed up to giving me a line of crap, saying the earliest would be the week of xmas...
  18. went to this morning, talked to T.J. on the phone and just mailed off my money order for 2 bartolini "deep" pick ups and the HR 5.2 harness.
    he should get the money order tomorrow so hopefully i'll have my parts before december. i hope :)
  19. If I was to get any Barts, that combination is what I'd pick. Gonna sound sweet.

    I'm more of an EMG guy, but I have to admit that retrofitting them is time consuming in terms of research and installation.