Info on Junior Jet Pickups?

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    Oct 23, 2018
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    I bought a Gretsch Junior Jet (G2220) as a backup and it is rapidly becoming my #1 gig bass: light, nice playing, nice sounding, no worries about scuffs or dings. I have no idea about the pickups. They sound decent, especially through an EQ pedal. What is their design? Are they used on any other model? Is there an upgrade recommendation other than TV Jones? (I love TVJs but a pair would cost more than I paid for the bass.)

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    Fender Filter'rons are the Fenderized version of the Gretsch Fideli'rons.
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    “Nice sounding, no worries...”

    Upgrades? Lemme ask why?

    Upgrade from something that you already like?

    Its coils of wire wrapped around a magnetic source. It has a metal base plate and chromed cover that are grounded forming a faraday cage. It bucks hum. It sounds nice.

    If you swap, it isn’t an upgrade, it’s just different. What if you don’t like the change? TV’s are by all accounts awesome so they might just be UP. my bet is they would be more of a sideways with a small up angle move.

    It comes down to how much you are willing to spend on an experiment.
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    You are right. No change it is.