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  1. Hi everyone,

    Since I'm very interested to buy me a modern bass, (been loving the Jerzy Drozd basses mmm..) I'ld like to try some out.. The only problem is I live in Belgium.. And we don't have anything like a bigass guitar centre or whatever with all kinds of basses. So does anyone here know a big Guitar centre in Europe, maybe best in the roundabouts of Belgium (Germany, France, ..)where I can try out many sorts of basses. Because I've been searching and maybe it's me but I can't find a thing.. I'ld like to believe that there are people here on Talkbass that can give me some information.

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    Nov 18, 2005
    We don't have a bigass guitar center here where I live either.
    That would be a catchy name "Bigass guitar center"
    We have 3 music stores in town and one stocks fender, hofner,peavey ,musicman and ibanez.
    another does warrick , gibson and epiphone
    the third does schecter,olp, dean ect...
    While this sounds like a good selection they don't stock a lot of basses, less than a dozen at each store and only one, two or three of each brand.
    If I want to see more I have to travel 2 hours to Nashville Tennesse or Indianapolis Indiana.
    I would suggest looking at some of your large cities/communities around you.
    :meh: How about
  3. is in France. They are a JD dealer.
    There are also one in Portugal, and one in Greece, and 6 places in Spain. Hope it helps. Check HERE for numbers and websites.

    By the way, I think JD basses are the best looking basses I've ever seen. I've got a dealer about 4 hours from me, and have yet to get over there.
  4. Try Bassmatters in the Netherlands.
    Haven't seen a J D there, but Paul usually has a nice collection of high end basses in store, like Elrick, Sadowsky, Mike Lull, Modulus, Lakland etc.

    Good luck,
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