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  1. I'm playing BG at the moment; I'm sixteen, and i only got into the bassist profession about three years ago. The bassist my teacher plays with on Sunday afternoons has a Carruther's bass (check spelling). He said that Geoff, Patrick's friend, bought it from America for a little over $4000 AUD. i played around on Geoff's bass and thought the DB was the coolest thing since FiElDy*, and I was wondering what people here thought of them. I thought it to be a completely different monster to what I am playing, of course, but it just seemed so very daunting to play. I'm only 5'5" if anything, and this bass seemed to be about six foot... scary stuff. Also this one was a five string - is this also becoming a trend with DB's as it is with BG's?

    I did a search, but nothing specific came up. Oh, and please be gentle, I'm not familiar with any DB terms you might have.:D

    * j/k, of course.
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    Wheew! That's an ugly one!! ;)

    Just my personal opinon... you know!!
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    Nov 28, 2001
  4. I own a Carruthers 4 strings since about 2.5 years now. I like it much better now that I've had the fingerboard scoop reworked by a luthier.
    Also, the tone is better (to me) with orchestral strings.
    The endpin can be slipped into the instrument so height isn't an issue. I play mine seated on a drummer's throne...