Information on pedals??

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Camel_spit, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. I was thinking of getting a pedal 4 bass guitar but I don't know anything about them. Could someone please tell me how and where to plug the pedal in and what sort of lead to use? Thanks.
  2. Well what kind of effect are you planning on getting?
  3. Its a Boss wah pedal, actually for guitar but it has a bass input.
  4. OK, simple on where to put it. Just plug your bass' output into the input of the pedal and the output of your pedal into the input of your amp's active input. Anything else?
  5. thanx SO much, just one more thing.
    With the lead that goes from the pedal to the amp, does that come with the pedal or do u have to buy it separately? if separately, what kind of lead is it?
    thanx again for the help.
  6. Lead? I'm sorry I'm an American, by lead do you mean the cable or the power suply or something else? If so no, you usually have to buy them seperately for a boss stombox you would need a 9 volt AC powersuply and for a cable you would need a standard 1/4" I/O cable.
  7. yeah, leads are just the cables that usually connect the bass to the amp (or pedal). with the one that links the pedal and amp, is it the same as the one that links the bass and the pedal? sorry about this, I have no idea what u call all the different cables and things.
  8. Yup their the same cables dual male 1/4" jacks any length you need, 10-5' works best and you lose less volume IMO.