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Innovation Braided Audio Examples, anyone?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by slinkyphil, May 2, 2015.

  1. slinkyphil


    Jan 11, 2009
    Does anyone know if there are any audio examples (or a video) of the Innovation Braided online? The description sounds appealing, but I would really wanted to hear something. I think I'm done with my Spiro Mittels... I discovered that gentle touch is also a nice thing to have in my life so I'm looking for a more responsive string and the Innovation Braided may be what I'm looking. I dont know...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Maybe the Honeys would be more responsive than the Braided though.
  3. The Honeys are more percussive and dark. I would say an old school sound but not like gut. They have more tension than the Braided but less than Spiro Mittel.

    The Braided have a softer attack, but nice and round if plucked at the very end of the fingerboard. They have some highs and sound a bit more modern than the Honeys, which do not have any highs at all. Less power than Spiros, but could be played the whole night (I had problems with Spiro Mittel, 4/4 on 110 cm, too). Sometimes I think I would like a bit more tension, but sometimes I'm happy it is not more.
    Currently I have a mix of Innovation prototypes on high C, G and E and Braided D and A. (The prototype D and A have too less tension for me.)

    I might be able to make a home recording with the current set and maybe also try to use only the two Braided strings at the end of the next week. But my strings are on the bass for over two years I think (at least the Braided), so they might be a bit darker now.
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  4. slinkyphil


    Jan 11, 2009
    My run with the Mittels has come to an end because of the response. They are hard on both hands, but that goes out of the equation when I am in shape. The thing is the response... I love them, but, at least on my bass, I had enough of behaving like a neanderthal... Thomas Morgan did a concert in town and he played my bass. He took the G string out and used his Pirastro Chorda. It sounded great! The thing is I dont have 150Eur to spend on a single string....... eheh...
    Maybe a mix with spiro weich and dominants, or braided... I don't know! The Velvet blue is also a possibility but i've heard they bow pretty badly! Basically I changed my way of playing and the Mittels dont make sense anymore :s
  5. Sam Dingle

    Sam Dingle Supporting Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    New Orleans
    I'd suggest trying the Evah Weich or the spiro Weich if you want easer strings.
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  6. The plucking and downpressing feel of steel core and synthetic/gut core strings is different and maybe this is what you look for.

    Evah Weich might do the job (full set works) but might give up in dynamic response when plucked hard. The Braided have a bit less tension, but respond better to hard plucking. Both are nice with the bow.

    I have Spiro Weich 3/4 on my EUB, a nice balanced set, but the solid body with a simple bridge needs softer strings. The Braided I tried once seemed to be nice on that instrument too (but I need them as backup for the big one).

    First thing: tune down by a halftone and try that for a while. If that works for a longer playing time, get Spiro Weich (same type, 3/4 or 4/4, that you have now, since they are different in tension on the same scale).
    If not lower the tuning again by a halftone (and maybe a whole tone on A and E) and try that for a while. If this is OK, get Spiro Solo of the same type.

    If you are still not happy, get synthetic core strings. For power and tension Dominants (but might feel a bit stiff), for softness and ease of play Braided or Evah Weich.
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  7. shwashwa


    Aug 30, 2003
    are you talking about arco or pizz?
  8. slinkyphil


    Jan 11, 2009
    Sorry... Pizz! ;)
  9. slinkyphil


    Jan 11, 2009
    I tried the Evah Weich on a friend's bass. I found them stiffer than my Mittels!
    I dont mind the left hand stiffness, I just need something that responses better on the right hand!
    Thanks for the tips DoubleMIDI
  10. A week late and not played well (was in a hurry when I recorded it), but here are some examples for pizz from my bass:

    Braided A and D

    Studio prototypes E and G with Braided A and D

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  11. Selim

    Selim Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    New York City
    Very helpful, DM - thanks for posting. More of us on TB should do this, particularly in regards to strings.

    These strings sound very good on your bass. Can you describe your bass?

    Also, can you clarify the strings for the first sample? Braided A and D - what are the other strings?
  12. My bass is a 4/4 5-string (with high C) Emanuel Wilfer carved bass with a 110 cm scale. Made for orchestras using a low B. They make mostly handmade series of basses. Mine was the cheapest option they made, but mostly by selection of less nice looking wood (means no flames) and a ebony fingerboard with a knot (not visible to me only less nice if you want to plan the board).
    It's a cannon with Spiro Mittel 4/4, but I couldn't play much more than a set before I loose the power of my hands (that was with a slightly higher action than I use now). So I was looking for something else and struggled with the high Cs available. The steel high Cs are to thin, too hard to press down or too thin sounding for me, so I looked for synthetic core strings (didn't want gut as my regular strings for various reasons).
    The 110 cm scale increases the tension by about 10% compared to the average 105 cm/41.5 inch. That might make them a bit more brilliant than on most other basses. Also the box is big and the top and back are thick (about 8mm for the top), so this is a rather heavy instrument.

    I got in contact with a bass player from the UK who helped Innovation designing strings and so I got a new version of the Braided high C and later a set of prototype strings that were better for pizz but still nice with the bow. At that time they developed a new set and send me a set to check out the high C with it. I liked the high C, G and E very much but the A and D had a lot less tension (like tuning a half tone down or the difference between Medium and Light), so I replaced them with the Braided A and D which have about the same tension as the prototype high C , G and E. Unfortunately they wanted to keep the tension of the A and D prototypes and develop in that direction.
    I talked to the guy who sent me the strings and he told me that the new PolyChromes as they are called now are very different from the set I got.
    I hope they might make some of these strings (at least high C and G) for me if I order a bunch of them, but my budget is too tight at the moment.

    I think I wrote something in the comments of the recordings about the strings too.

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