Innovation Polychrome vs. Honey

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  1. Hi all. I've been poking through various threads but haven't found a satisfying answer yet... Of the two above string types, which do you think are less dark and have more growl? I'm not really concerned about arco response. Thanks in advance and apologies if this has been discussed before.

    Edit. I've played on Braided before, so if someone feels like using them as part of this comparison, that'd be great too. Cheers!
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    Haven’t played Honeys but played Polychromes a lot and from what I hear about the Honeys, they growl more than the polys. They are tighter than the polys.

    In any case, the polys don’t really growl, if you mean in the Spiro way — they have their whole other thing going for them. And they are a really nice arco string.

    Doesn’t answer you question definitively but hope the info helps
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  3. The Honeys are very dark (except the G). The Braided some highs, the (lower) Honeys have no highs (air) at all. The Honey G has lower mids instead.

    I think one of the three sets have grown like Spiros. If you want some Spiro-like growl on synthetic core strings try Dominants or Compas 180.
  4. Obligatos also have lots of growl, at least before they die. :)
  5. Thanks folks. I'm not looking for Spirocore growl. Just which of the three has the most 'growl potential' and is the least dark. I appreciate the suggestions for other options, but I'm really only interested in a comparison between these three Innovation variants. Cheers!
  6. Well, I still do not understand the growl potential (either there is growl or not) but from the Braided, Honeys and Prototypes that are a kind of higher tension (like Braided) Polychromes I would say the Polychromes punch through the best and are the brightest (but I think others who have the real Polychromes said they are darker than the Braided). But since the prototypes are higher tension and an early development stage, the Polychromes that are available might be darker. And I used them on a 110 cm scale instrument.
    There is very little of what could be named growl if any at all on all of these sets.
    The Polychromes are made with a new core material, similar to the material of the Braided, but better. The Oneys have a monofiber synthetic core but rather thin.

    I still think Dominants or Compas 180 are closer to what you seek, but there are reasons for both not to choose them.
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  7. Thanks for your detailed reply. When I wrote the above posts, I was always in a hurry so let me try to clear up what I am trying to find out (and think I have, thanks to your post). To me there are degrees of growl. Some strings have a lot, some a little and some none. I know that all three Innovation strings are on the darkish side and don't have a ton of growl. I was simply trying to find out which of the three is brightest and has the most growl, knowing that the growl would be relatively minimal. Maybe I should have used the word sustain in place of growl. Not the same thing, but it might have gotten my point across more effectively...

    I am aware of what Dominants and Compas 180's sound like and they are not what I seek. As mentioned earlier I am/was only interested in a comparison between the three Innovation variants. Anyhow thank you again. I think the first part of your response above answered my question. Best, Brent.
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    You're in luck. I just swapped the Honeys on my bass for a set of Polychromes. For me, the Polychromes when new tonally sound pretty close to the Honeys that were on the bass for about six months. In terms of growl, I would put the Honeys above the Polychromes by a bit. It's not a lot, but definitely there. The Honeys have more of a front sounding attack, whereas the Polychromes are a bit thicker and rounder.

    I know you didn't ask, but both strings have excellent arco response. In this case, the Polychromes have a richer, fuller arco tone than the Honeys, which are brighter and not as robust.

    So for what you are looking for, I'd go toward the Honeys without a second thought.
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  9. Perfect! Thanks very much for this. Exactly what I needed to hear.
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  10. Does anyone know how the diameter of the Honeys compare to the Polychromes?
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    if i remember correctly they were about the same
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    From Gollihur's String website for:
    = = = = =

    • E - .114
    • A - .089
    • D - .077
    • G - .068
    = = = = =

    String Gauges:
    (Measuring a representative set with a caliper)

    G D A E
    .065 .068 .086 .116
    = = = = =
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  13. Thank you!
  14. Matthias Hacker

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    I´m currently playing a set of Honeys. I really enjoy them on my bass for both pizz/arco and different styles. Best all-around set of strings I tried so far. But I can´t recommend the G String. I had two faulty G strings with the windings coming loose. The G string always behaved weird under the bow, hard to describe. I´m using a Braided G string now that was still lying around, it sounds a bit brighter and softer which is fine for the G string on my bass, and it sings under the bow. My set of Honeys was made in the UK.
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    Manager of Brand Identity & Development, GHS Strings, Innovation Double Bass Strings, Rocktron
    Thanks for this delineation.
  16. Matthias Hacker

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    Apr 8, 2018
    Yes I´d definitely give an US made whole set of Honeys (including the G string) another try.