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    Dec 17, 1999
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    Let's get the facts strait here: Oldsaw speaks about 140B Innovation while Chris Quinn sells "hybrid" and "braided" Innovation strings which ones are which ?
    Apart from Oldsaw, has anyone any comment about these strings ?
  2. Salut Olivier!
    140B=Braided (B for braided)
    140H=Hybrid (H for Hybrid)

    He also sells the Rockabilly set.

    I tried the 140B G string, and it has a very strong clear tone on my EUB. It also has some nasality. (same thing as the Obligato G)

    I got Rockabilly D and G a few days ago.
    They use the braided core, but are wrapped with flat black-nylon tape.
    The G is nice. Low tension, but singing clear tone.
    The D was way too floppy though! Too low tension!

    I'm back with thin gauge Flexocors on the G, D and A, and a FlatChrome E for the moment. (I'll try the thin Flexocor in the next weeks)

    Hope this helps!
  3. The silence here is deafening.
    I must be on to something new with the Innovations. I have found just the opposite effect with these and the obligatos. The sound is warmer especially on the G & D strings as compared to the Helicores and Kolsteins strings that I have tried.

    The one thing I have had to deal with is the thickness of the G string. It is about twice as thick as the Helicores.

  4. Mark, keep in mind that, as stated in my message, I play on an EUB (Electric Upright Bass).
    You may get different results on an acoustic, and even between different acoustics!
    I was just describing what I personally experienced!
  5. Francois,

    I understand. I also think that a brand of strings will sound different on different basses.

  6. Do you still use Innovation strings, Mark?