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Inportant EBS question....

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ZenBass, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Disaster,, My Trace Elliot Head let go last night at a gig :bawl: and I have a big gig supporting Mohair on Friday...

    I have been frantically tryin new heads but only one has stuck in my mind (and it isnt even one Ive tried recently) the EBS HD350, i played it on the GB stand last year at Music Live 2002 (UK), I have a GB IV and it made my bass sing like no other.

    Fist of all, i shall be running it through two Trace Elliot Cabs (1048 and 1518), bouth rated at 300w @8ohms, i am surte the EBS will be more than happy to power them but could someone confirm this. I was gonna go out and get a 500w amp but I want to buy for quality rather than out and out balls..

    The main question i guess is, and even though its a small issue its one that is quite inportant. The drive section on the EBS head as i remember was very good (the same electronic as the mulit-drive pedals near enough), can it be opertated by a footswtich. On reviews it says its a shame EBS dont supply a footswitch option but doesn tell you if there is connector for it on the back. I shall be using this section lots in the type of music that i play with my band. I have a GT6B but its pants. It would be a pain if everytime u want to go in and out of the Drive sestion u have to run bk and twiddle with ur amp....

    Apart from that I think i shall go for it... for the money i can get one for there isnt much compition.


  2. I hate to disappoint but if the HD350 is anything like my Fafner, there is is no footswitch capability. EBS amps can supply power to one external EBS effects pedal via the jack cable.

    I've used my Fafner to drive my 1048H and 1818 with no problems. You might be better off with a bit more power than the HD350 provides. Can you find a used TD650 in your area? The Fafner is great, but a bit more vintage sounding than the Trace, HD350 or TD650.
  3. Thank you for the info...Being in the UK EBS equipment is hard to find... especially second hand, as u know once people have bought an EBS they dun want to give it up .... might eveutally i will get a EBS Multidrive
    i love that pedal so much but priorites first :)

    Ive got the amp on trial period if i want it so0o ill defo give it a go..

    Cheers so far..
  4. Fingers crossed... enjoy!!!
  5. bassomane


    Apr 3, 2002
    I Play the EBS HD350. There is no possibility to switch the drive section. Another problem for you could be that the drive knob increases the volume significantly. With the drive section you choose the amount of tubeness. It is not meant as an effect gimmick.
    Regarding the volume issue. This amp is loud and can be loaded down to 2 Ohms. I had never turn it up more than to 4 (max11) with 1 EBS410 (4Ohm) to be almost too loud.