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Input Jacks? Help!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by dancehallclasher, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. i'm getting really fed up with the intermittent signal from my bass, one of the causes of which i'm pretty sure is the jack. (the new one, as of today, is a monster, yes, monster cable that i need to resolder. can you believe it? :rolleyes: )
    so my question is, are these things a standard size, can i just stroll into a music store and buy one, or do i have to bring in my bass to have it matched up?
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    hmmm...you're sayin' ya' think the jack on
    your bass is bad / intermittent? Those Monsters
    DO have a pretty hefty plug - a lotta' "in/out" action :eek:
    could torque-up the jack. Anyhoo, the vast majority
    of (bass output) jacks are 1/4" phone jacks...


    ...You can get these at G/C, Mars, Radio Shack, etc.
    Check to see if the one you're replacin' is mono or
    stereo. Lotta' times, mfg's will use a stereo jack for
    the mono signal AND switchin' the pre-amp battery on/off.
    Or there's mono "switching" jacks, stereo "switching" jacks...:rolleyes:
    Switchcraft makes a quality product :)
  3. I have the same problem with a loose input jack on my Warwick.
    Seems that the problem was that the loose input jack was a result of it being a METERIC jack and not SAE. Meteric input jacks are slightly larger then SAE and therefore create a loose connection. Apparently the bass was built for the European market. Sometimes they get mixed up and basses with meteric jacks end up being sold in the U.S. by mistake.
    I just received a Switchcraft replacement jack and the problem is solved!

    The solution is get a SAE Switchcraft jack and replace the old one. Easy!
  4. DHC one of the first thing you can try, take a Q-Tip or if you shop at Walmart a W-Tip and put some rubbing alchol on it, then push it in the jack and spin it around, see if it is dirty when you pull it out. Does your bass have a service door on the back so you can see the jack? I had the same problem with my Pedulla and the Q-Tip thing fixed it.

    The Pic ND gave you is the one you should look for that is the standard. You will need to see the jack to replace it. . .I think so if you can instead of replacing the jack open the back and watch the path the cable take while it slides in, a cleaning and prong bending might be all you need. Quite the bumer about the monster cable. They are onder warantee for life so instead of sodering it have it replaced.
  5. notduane- i've had the problem since before i had that monster cable...
    as for the mono/stereo thing, i bet it's just a regular mono jack because my bass is a $200 passive washburn.

    gruffpuppy- will resoldering it void the warrantee? cuz i dropped it off at a neighbors house, he said he'd try to do it for me (i don't have a soldering gun, nor do i know how to use one). yes, i've opened the back, took the jack out and all, and i can't see any loose wires. other than that, i'm not sure what to look for... i will try the q-tip thang, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Ahh, you probally bought the cable at GC so if it doesn't work better after your friend does his thing and he does a clean job just return it and plead ignorance. Let them worry about it.:D

    Like you said you can see it so open it up and watch the cable go into the jack. Maybe you just need to bend the prongs inward a little.

    Good Luck

    As far as ND's question don't guess, if you need to replace the jack bring the bass and open the back.
  7. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I'm surprised JT ain't piped-up to say 'get one of those
    nifty locking types, like on a Conklin' :D . While I had
    that GT-7, I was always reminded of takin' my keys outta'
    the ignition..."push button to release".
  8. Tom Crofts

    Tom Crofts

    Mar 15, 2001
    I have that pretty bad on mine, it's an SR305 and it never stops completely I just get the noise that you get when you pick up the cable by the end when it's on, the loud buzz, really loud. It's really annoying and I get it when I change the angle of the bass when I'm playing it and stuff like that. I bend the connector bits in with a pin but I'm afraid of breaking them off, it works for a while then slowly gets worse again. I'll get it checked out by a shop sometime. When I get some money maybe.

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