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  1. If anyone has any info on either the boss delay pedals or the delay/reverb pedal I would greatly appreciate it. I was looking at buying a delay but not sure how well it works, how often I would use it, or if I should get just delay or dleay and reverb I said before any input would be cool.
  2. Reverb on bass is a matter of taste and quality - most low frequencies turn into mushy peas when put through reverb, losing punch and clarity. High-Mid and High frequencies though come through quite well. I'm a (rare) fan of bass reverb, but in reality most gets lost in a mix.

    Delay however stands out much better. The best thing for you to do is to try out a bunch of delays with YOUR bass. Some are better than others at different things - analog delays give a warm, lush, but poorly-defined wash that can almost be taken as reverb; digital delays keep the original signal well-defined, but some sound sterile because of that.

    Rack delays (eg Zoom RFX2000, Alesis units) and the well-tasty Line6 Delay Modeller (this one is the ****) give better results, but at a price.

    I've found delay to be cool for short solos - throughout a song delayed bass ends up sounding undefined...although playing something "dark" and slow with delay (allowing the delay to actually be heard clearly) can produce some scary, gorgeous-sounding material...

    Boss pedals a cool (forget about the Delay/Reverb IMO), the old Ibanez DDL delays are super-hifi sounding, the Korg 302dl is a great analog-ish delay with plenty of options.

    One thing to look for is a delay pedal that allows some manipulation of the tone - for example my 302dl has both High and Low-frequency damping, allowing me to remove the delayed signal from the low-end, while retaining the high.

    rant over! :D
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    I own the Boss Delay/Reverb pedal. It's a great sounding pedal (as good or better than some rackmount stuff, IMO). However, I have never used it in my bass rig (just for guitar), and I wouldn't recommend it.
    For bass, reverb is almost useless in a live situation, and delay can be great or lousy, depending on how it's used. I would recommend a delay only pedal, if that's what you're into.
    If you do get the Boss Delay/Reverb pedal, you will need the AC power adaptor. That thing snacks on batteries.
  4. Sorry Slater, didn't mean to knock the Dly/Rev - apart from on Bass, it does rock.

    The Korg snacks on batteries too, however it uses 6 AA batteries...AA batteries? What other pedal in the world uses those?

    Actually the only thing I use batteries for now is in case I manage to knock out the AC adapter while playing... ;)